Ground model help

Hello everyone! I opened this thread to ask you some questions about the’‘ground’'of the models.

I changed the Lua file from the ‘‘Pill Framework’’ with the friendly permission of ‘‘Grea$eMonkey’’ our moderator and I managed to create (still in alpha) a strider pill, but I noticed that the model is not adequately displayed.

I have a problem with the GroundModel that makes me see the model below the soil line.

Now I’ll show you two images, in game one and the other from the source sdk base for you to notice that the two problems are related to groundmodel. (sorry for my bad english)

my question is this.

Some of you know how to correct this?


Here’s what I do when I need it, but it’s incredibly buggy. A better solution would also be appreciated.

[lua]hook.Add( “UpdateAnimation”, “MoveStriderUp”, function( ply, vel, max )

if( ply:GetModel() == "models/combine_strider.mdl" ) then -- make strider walk tall
	ply:SetPoseParameter( "body_height", 500 );
	if( CLIENT ) then
		ply:SetPos( ply:GetPos() + Vector( 0, 0, 500 ) );

end );[/lua]

I thank you for letting me answer! but allow me a question!

This code should be put where?

I’m sorry but I am new to this stuff

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[lua]PILL.Base = “pill_base” – This works just like SWEP.Base. Yes, pills have their own BaseClass.
PILL.DisplayName = “Pill Strider” – Pill nice-name
PILL.PlayerModel = “models/combine_strider.mdl” – The pseudo player model file path
PILL.Author = “Italyco” – Pill Author
PILL.Contact = “blabla” – Author contact
PILL.Purpose = “” – Pill Purpose
PILL.Instructions = “” – Pill Instructions
PILL.SpawnIcon = “weapons/pills/combine_strider” – The icon you’d see in the spawn menu
PILL.SelectIcon = “j” – The weapon select icon.
PILL.AdminOnly = false – Use this for admin sweps.[/lua]

this is the portion of my lua file that I changed, unfortunately your example from what I have seen is different from my lua file

no one can help me?

just paste it in that file


nothing, I tried and tried but I can not change the position of the model to the ground

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no one can help me? maybe I should change these parameters to solve the problem?

[lua]//PILL.Hull.Normal = { Vector( -16, -16, 0 ), Vector( 16, 16, 76 ) } – Normal hull. If PILL.Character.UseCharacterEntityHull is true, then using this will override that.
//PILL.Hull.Duck = { Vector( -16, -16, 0 ), Vector( 16, 16, 36 ) } – Hull while ducking. This is good to use if you know you want your character to duck, but it doesn’t have a hull specified for that animation.[/lua]