Ground stick in multiplayer.

For example when you jump then start moving again your player will “stick” and when he moves your camera will fly back then go back to your player, hard to explain really. But other people can’t see this it’s 1st person only. Got any ideas on what the hell this is? It doesn’t seem to happen on sandbox though. I’ve seen in often in roleplay servers. Some servers don’t have it, some do.

I think I know what you mean. It’s just lag. Not really sure what causes it, though.

It’s an odd lag, it pulls you back and forward and makes it difficult to even move. But it fixes when you step on a different level. Like if you step up onto a curb or walk on a prop it will go away. What the fuck is this it pisses me off. Can’t jump in my server or alot of other servers.

Oh yeah! I had that on my old Dragon gameservers server! Fucking terrible.

Yeah, what the fuck is it? How does it go away, do you know how to fix it? Is it the server hoster or what?

Try jumping again if this is what I think it is that usually fixes it

It’s something to do with collision detection and physics, tried restarting the problematic server? It should occur more often if someone was dumb enough to try and host in Linux using WINE.

It will always occur if you use gmod and wine on a server. There is a fix for it though.

That doesn’t work.

K try what the others said then cause it isn’t what I thought it was

Could be if you have tickrate set to 100. Don’t use 100, it doesn’t work.

Edit: More specifically, if you do have tickrate at 100, that’s your problem right there. If not, nevermind then. Either way don’t use tickrate 100.