Groundbreaking Censor Bug

With the new Censor patch come some well needed bugs, the following video show censoring causes type of ESP or sixth sense to occur. Easily able to track and find naked people because of the Censoring able to be seen through Tree Leaves.

Let me know what you guys think and if the same thing occurs in game to recreate this bug thanks.

Just wear pants and its fixed.

We already know about this.
In-fact I posted this a day before you.

Oh yea did you also provide video evidence of the Glitch? K thanks for free bump

So does this issue happen for everyone, I use a AMD graphics card on Windows 7. Will anyone confirm not having this happen?

Thanks for making a vid about this bud, hope they fix it.

Yea, its like a wallhack. U can see it through walls, objects.

Question is why censor at all? First we have dressed men, then we go to nude men, then we go to censored men which allows people to see through cover. Why not just give us some camo undies, or a loin cloth. That or just remove the male genitalia completely and just have male dolls, so we don’t have to censor.

For some reason, it never censored it for me. lol It’s still completely visible, even though the post said it will be censored.

Could this happen for people who will buy the game in the future. We could get some “disappointed” customers there.

Meh… I havent been able to play more than 5 minutes at since the Censorship update… game keeps crashing randomly…

Afraid to say I use this to decide which houses to raid :\ kind of cheap but whatever haha.