groundcontrol error message

I am getting this error message and I dont know why/how:

[ERROR] gamemodes/groundcontrol/gamemode/sv_player.lua:380: attempt to call method 'isPlayer' (a nil value)
  1. unknown - gamemodes/groundcontrol/gamemode/sv_player.lua:380
   2. FireBullets - [C]:-1
    3. FireBullet - lua/weapons/cw_base/sh_bullets.lua:82
     4. unknown - lua/weapons/cw_base/shared.lua:1553

The error points me here:

local attacker = dmgInfo:GetAttacker()
	local damage = dmgInfo:GetDamage()
	local differentTeam
	if attacker:IsPlayer() then
		differentTeam = attacker:Team() ~= ply:Team() -- right here <-----
	if attacker ~= ply and attacker:IsPlayer() then
		if CurTime() < ply.invincibilityPeriod then -- player is still invincible after spawning, remove any damage done and don't do anything

I desperately want this to fix because I got plenty of friends who want to play it together

The error says you are calling isPlayer than IsPlayer, but code seems right

i know that some features dont work on the gamemode in the first place, but how can I fix this error message?

  1. When does the error message appear?

  2. That doesn’t appear to be the right code you’ve copied for us to look at. The error message is telling you the method “isPlayer” is a nil value, but notice that all "isPlayer"s are written “IsPlayer” with a capital “I” in the code you’ve copied for us to look at. Can you try and find the code that has “isPlayer” and not “IsPlayer”?

Don’t call isPlayer

well I certainly am not claling isPlayer anywhere, and I cant find lowercase “is” in any of the scripts

Then we can’t help you with that error, we told you how to fix THAT error, but if there’s no isPlayer then something went wrong (and we don’t know what)

I’ve spoken to the creator of the gamemode and got it fixed. Update the gamemode to the most recent version and you’ll see the problem fixed

it says he updated his github 5 months ago tho?