Group/Faction System?

Whenever Ive been playing in a group Ive found its sometimes difficult to tell your friends apart from your enemies. Most games combat this problem with either team specific skins or some sort of group system. What do you guys think would be a good way to solve this in rust? Should rust have a group system? I know its all part of the realism but by the time im close enough to check a players name, hes had all the time he needs to shoot me. A realistic way round this could be having the ability to dye your clothing a certain colour? Or what are your thoughts on having a group system that allows you to see friendly name tags from a distance.

Just to clarify Im not asking for any sort of party system as such Im just curious what other people think would benefit the game in terms of helping teams co-ordinate.

Well that is a good idea, but that doesn’t mean you’ll still be completely safe…
I remember playing DayZ’s Epoch mod it has a thing that allows you to mark someone as friendly. To you it will show a green dot on their wrist when you’re close enough to them.

I like the idea of dying clothes a certain color. To me, this adds more realism, and a good way to identify a friend. However, someone could just happen to be wearing the same clothes with the same colors so it’s not 100% safe.

Exactly, keeps it realistic too.

Well most likely just a party system would make it easier…

they dont want it to be easy, they want it to be more realistic :stuck_out_tongue:

They already said they wanted everything to be player-made to the biggest extent possible to bring about more emergent gameplay (gameplay not originally designed to happen). So clans would have to figure out how to identify each other - similar color clothes, for instance.
This is also where name changing factors in. You can try to impersonate a member of a clan by changing your name and clothes. So clans will have to come up with ways to authenticate each other - for instance, coming up with a passphrase which only clan members know.

EDIT: Plus, clothing dyes would be easier to code than a party system, by far.

A group/faction system would likely eventually result in those not in groups/factions not having a chance.

The clothing colour etc is much better as it means those who are alone can fly under the radar at long distance if they copy their clothes.

I see alot of “They said’s” with no referances… I could say they said they like turtlez… doesn’t mean it’s true… and I’m all for the deceptiveness but for those that have an IQ higher then 20 and a mic it’ll be the simple question in skype or something of, you behind me bro? …

Garry’s blog, “The Story of Rust”,

The players mind, is set to make their own faction/group. Don’t rely on the game.

Ty much and that makes me just love the game more, if you think I meant any insult I apologize.