Group looks for competetive Server

Hey Admins / Players,

is there any Server out here who would accept a Team of 10 Players?

Sadly we got banned from our old Server yesterday, without any comment of the admin.
We tried to contact him, but he blocks every conversation, but it seems players complained about gettin raided by us once.

So this is it…we are a funny Group, we Support the Server with a bit mouth to mouth Propaganda, we do not Insult, we do not hack, we do not farm naked that cant defend themselves.

All we want is a place where we can Play with our 10 guys Team.

Anyone thinks he can handle this? I seriously have no fun anymore in getting banned from a Server with the complete Team, just because other players drop the Server after they got raided once.

I mean seriously, if you raid a Tower and find 25.000 ( yes, 25K) metal fragments in it…who wanna tell me that was a poor victim we hit? ^^

Anyway, guys, dont Play on Abenteuer Dauerfeuer 200 Slot Server, admin might be friendly to you and the next day he banns your complete Team without even commenting it before and refuses communication.

This is really unfair and kind of admin abuse! If you are alone, or max 3 players in a Team, he might let you stay. -_-

So, if a Server Needs 10 new players + friends wich also might follow as “neutral” players, than please comment, we look urgently for a place to Play without getting banned because we are too good.

Really sucks…and i heard that Problem from several Clans now, wich got banned from xx Servers, because players complained over too much enemies. -_-

Hey, we just started playing on Abenteuer Dauerfeuer yesterday and heard that a bigger clan was leaving the server. I assume that was you guys? We are currently waiting for Rustopia to come back online, they were having problems with the provider. Nice admin, I think he banned like 5-6 players in 4 weeks, all of them were accused of cheating multiple times but he still investigated before banning them. And one guy didn’t stop raging in capslock, so he got banned too. Other than them, none were banned. Some people griefed, some people KOSed all the time, but it’s all allowed. Sorry for slightly advertising here.

Check out Rustz it’s pretty good.

Well I’m playing on a server that has around 4-5 group on it, it’s post wipe (8/3). The admins play the server regularly and spawn nothing. Every admin there is aged 26+. Server knows the admins and they all know they don’t abuse.
Unmodded server with automated airdrops( no mods, web based. Drops every 3 hours if more than 30 people. ), no swearing is allowed in chat either so the chat is pretty civil, doesn’t mean it’s not competitive though :slight_smile:
Server group (website being worked on, close to done).
Server peaks at 80 people daily, 40-50 on evenings.

EU Rustiek is a verry bussy server I play on, lots of big groups raiding. And I play on the sleeplessrust PVP server wich has nice mods good admin but is a bit empty so hop in! XD


Nice site and daily giveaways in game!

Yes we are [ALLiANCE] and we got banned for absolutley no reason, i guess it was because we 10 active did a lot of damage to the other Clans wich than left Server cuz of Frustration. :frowning:

HEY!!! You sound like just what my server needs. I play on a Vanilla server with random airdrops. It’s a 50 player server where we average ~20 online and never really have more than 35. I am part of the biggest group on the server, and we have trouble raiding because we don’t want to run everyone off from the server. We would welcome a worthy adversary.

The admin is friendly, and ONLY bans when he has proof of hacking… so you would be safe from that threat. He has also never done a server wipe, so you’d be safe from that threat as well.

Server Info: net.connect

I hope to see you soon. Find me when you get in game: iliketigobittys

Thanks for all the Feedback, please dont stop giving us good advices, we will try some Servers of here out very soon.

@iliketigobitt well, a bit less Players maybe for our Team BUT i will ask them, it still sounds interesting, thats a Kind of pure challange :smiley:

Don’t think you’ll have a problem with that on Rustopia, just sucks that it’s currently offline because the hoster sucked. Massive lags but the admin is taking care of it. Forgot to mention its a [DE/EN] - Server and i assume you’re a german clan. My clan (4 people) will join as soon as the server’s back on, I can notify you then. We got raided daily and we’ve no problem at all so no danger of ragequit :wink:

Oxide, Drop @ 15 players, everything is craftable, Been up a week. 1/3 Durability, half craft, active admin especially during peak.

Greetings NorDCorE

Im the owner of >DropZone< server my ingame name is Smiley.
I think my server may be what your looking for.
We are a modded server , tp, /home, instacraft, a unlimited kit containing a M4, Bolt Action Rifle , ammo and some cloth gear all equipped in your belt for you.
Our loot tables have been modified to drop alot of resources to get you and your mates building your base quickly so you can join in the pvp fun.
We are a 200 person server , we average 50-70 players at peak times and last weekend for a brief time we were Rusts most populated server worldwide with over 130 players.
We also have a strict build limit to reduce lag, fair admins and all bans are talked over between admins.
We try to communicate with our player base as much as possible and I consider myself along with the admins players , we dont abuse or rage and I think that has helped us create a greatunexpected community on our servers I know many of the players by name.
I personally welcome you and others on this server to give us a test run , our server is set up to be a strong pvp server.

Port 30615

Sincerely Smiley :slight_smile:

Sounds lame… Modded servers suck, they’re for imbeciles who cannot play legit. Instant craft??? WHY? TP??? WHY? unlimited kit??? WHY? So dumb…

Well thats like just youre opinion man.

Come visit us at Carolinas Gaming.


We are the #3 server on right now and have several groups with 10 or more players. I am sure they would welcome the challenge.

Thanks man, but we prefere the game pure, mods are ok in some way, but instacraft and fast weapon access is not our Thing :slight_smile: