Group of 5 early alpha players looking for EU server

I am looking for a server for us to play on.

-Located in EU
-At least 50 people around this time
-Can be modded, doesn’t have to.
-No admin abuse, don’t rage if we kill/raid you.
-Have to know who the admin(s) are to report the hackers

Let me know in the comments down below when you know the server we are looking for!

[EU] IME Server.

We (a group of 5-7) have hopped about a lot, this server is without a doubt the best we’ve played on. The mods are harsh (the word “bloody” is considered bad language, occasionally a little draconian) but they ban hackers within minutes, literally minutes, and they are about 24/7.

Hope that helps.

Thanks for your reply discuit but that server only has 22 players at this time.
Once we have kevlar and m4 we’ll bore us to death because we only see 1 person every 30 minutes.


I only recently started up a server [EU] Pain Killers Server

Second day was yesterday and we hit over 20 people at peak time… but we are looking for more people to come on of course and people who want to pvp as we are all old Darkfall players and thats what we like.

we are running oxide mods and have limited crafting of weapons to non military weapons… everything is still dropped but you cant go crafting any high end stuff. Door permissions is running as well.

Anyway we are still trying to balance the drop rate of the high end stuff.

Admins are very active as well.

I know not what you where looking for but thought I would mention it as we are trying to get it more populated :slight_smile:

Standort: Deutschland
Slots: 200
Newbie´s: Welcome
Sleeping: An
Admins: Aktiv
Mods: Doorsharing, Playerlist, Custom Loot Spawn Lists/Airdrops, Starterkit & Privat Message

Our Server is on the first place . Every day we have more than 50 players.


Hello my server ip :net.connect

Population in pick time : ~80+ Population at this moment of day : 45

My server got some mod like door sharing, group list, quest and soon other mod…

For admin info im alone to administrate my server i do that since 2 month and i dont really have time to play but if you raid my house i dont will ban you for that :wink:

150 SLOT
PVP : 24/7
Newbie’s : seek team or it will be hard :slight_smile:
Sleeping : ON
Admins : Activ 18h all day and ban cheaters

Website :
Public TS3 : // pass : secret

hope to see you soon :slight_smile:

No worries.

Just FYI, it does get around 120 in the evenings/weekends though. :slight_smile:

its basically EU by the players that are active but the server is located in the USm with a pretty stable and good connection (ping less than 40 from germany)

hope to see you around soon :wink:

hi revolution

check my server out
we are a big community of 3000+ members , recently expanded to rust, our server is 5 days old and average around 40 players peek, could do with everyone we can at the moment, all hackers are swiftly banned, We have admins 24/7 online. We have door share and would be a good place to start if your looking for a non abusing, hacking free server. Quite a nice bunch of regulars we have at the moment


Our server has 75 slots ( current users online is around 20 ).
We only started this server 6days ago.

No mods ( Oxide will be added with next wipe -> we only wipe if it’s needed due patch )
Sleeper on
Pvp on
Airdrops on ( at evenings , irl ofc. )

3 active admins : DaBliss , iCe & FuzioN ( only used our admins powers, to make an arena , this is only for fun events )
( check our server post, for more happy ‘players’ on our server. Also screenshots+movie from arena )

Join our server **
** We have some info about our server @• (sorry for our bad web “design”). :stuck_out_tongue:

Revolution I recognize you from the early alpha, did you know of Rama and his gang? Or maybe you were part of them :3