Group of 5 "older" Gamers Looking for a Whitelisting Server

Hi all,

We are a group of 5 gamers who are looking for a server that whitelists people. We have had to move 7 times now because of either Hackers, Abusive Admins and/or Griefing.

So I was wondering how we go about looking for a server that whitelists players, and how to go about applying. None of us have ever had any form of VAC bans, we are all around 30-35 and have been gaming for zillions of years, we play for fun and good PvP encounters, though we only tend to engage in PvP when people are farming our resources or when we Raid, otherwise we tend to be cautious but friendly.

So yeh, any suggestions? The only requirement we have is Door Share and no InstaCraft.

Thanks for reading.

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Oh, and EU. :slight_smile:

Our server will have oxide after next patch.
Instacraft is not on, sorry ;(

That’s ok, we don’t want InstaCraft. :slight_smile:

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Hmm, your server doesn’t seem to have the whitelist feature though. :frowning:

OH sorry, didn’t check that .
No we want it to be open for everyone, but we ban if its needed (cheating, chatabuse )

Anyway, good luck on which server you go on to :wink:

we have all your wishes nice server. whitelist etc

That looks very promising, will check it out when i get home from work! Thanks for the reply.

I saw this server on the list a few times but thought it’d be dutch-speaking because of the country tag - what’s the predominant language spoken in global/voice chat?

english and dutch is allowed. most of the time it is english.

net.connect We will work with you :slight_smile:

Hello, we are also a group of older gamers that are currently hosting a server that is monitored very close for any cheaters/hackers. The entire reason we created this server is we also grew tired of moving around do to hackers/A**holes.

At this point we do not whitelist but if it becomes an issue we will do so!

We are currently running with the following settings:

Half Craft
Shared Doors

Visit our gaming site: to see who we are.

Server info:

If you want more info please let me know. Also if you have server suggestions we are open to them!

Thanks to those that have posted so far, we will check these out over the next day or two when we are all home/free. Cheers again.

Sounds good, there is about 4-5 of us in my group also and a few other players on the server. We are really looking for some good PvP battles :wink: