Group of known hackers terrorizing Facepunch Texas (USA)

Theres been a group of hackers known as savages on facepunch texas for a week now terrorizing the population. They have been seen speedhacking, superjumping, and killing everyone. I do not believe all of their members hack just a few of them. None the less all of their members are aware its going on and proffiting from it. They are based on the East island on Facepunch texas at x 18. They also have been changing their names constantly trying to defame regular long time members on the server as they speed hack around. Not sure if I should link steam profiles here or not? One of their members has had 2 vac bans in 5 days most likely for other games but is still here on rust.

just my 2 cents, don’t play on official servers if you want to enjoy the game.

most of them left Salt lake server 1 and i heard that they are moving everywhere looking for a clan they don’t like so that means taking down the whole server with them.

Part of the clan confirmed.

what? lol i was reading the public chat on salt lake and the koreans rebel against one of their ally and they are going after them now

this is a post about facepunch texas not salt lake just.

its the same on every server. on officials they dont get banned at all, EAC is not banning hackers many hackers at the moment. On community servers hackers are simply more careful about hiding their hacks. Rust is not in a good state right now. If you go look on that website that sells rust hack, you’ll see, its undetected. I saw speed hackers too (100% sure they were speedhacker, there is no doubt). i reported them, 10 days later still not banned. and thats just the one i was able to visually confirm.

this is really misinformation.

AA and their ilk claiming a cheat is undetected doesn’t prove a cheat IS undetected, and there are literally thousands of bans on the twitter page proving people do indeed get banned. people just rebuy a new account after being banned. remember though, if EAC banned based on reports, there would be plenty of false hackusation bans making unpopular but legit players have to go through the same treatment as actual hackers. personally i’d rather deal with the hackers intermittently than be banned because some group takes a disliking to me and spams hack reports.

Its kinda sad that the best advice is to completely avoid official servers.

Offical servers are for testing, and are not moderated. rarely there is an admin there, but people go there thinking it’s the “Best” Servers, rustify is the only one in that list that is worth going to.

Rest is community made servers.

I hope new rust does not fall to hackers like old rust