Group System

Hey, maybe at somepoint down the line have a group system so you can invite your friends into. Now at the moment if your part of a group then ti acess a base everyone needs their own door. with the group anyone in that group can acess any of the doors a group member has placed, in terms of people going into your room taking your stuff, just considor who you invite. After all that is an element of survival ‘trust’

Obviously this could be elaborated on but for a basic idea who knows.

this is needed.

Not only that but being able to tell who is a part of your group would be nice for a lot of these guys. Most streams are full of “is that you?” lol
I know most other games like this don’t have that but its a thought…

a name over the top of the head that you can see when up close would work for that too

Yeah absolutely there is a lot of good to come from a group system.

There is a difference between the ranges though that is needed.

They need to add dye, so you can dye your clothes to distinguish your team and enemy.

Yeah true but at the moment my concern is based around everyone not having to build there own doors but i see where your coming from, they are all great ideas, who knows they might be able to implement a group spawning system but we are looking past beta for that, the fact that you cant tell who your group is is ok for now as that adds th the extra need for communication and is a tad more realsitic. However in the future it would be nice to have a distinct way to make out a group member.