Group01 Citizen Model Edit


I don’t know if this is complex or not, but I’d really appreciate if someone made this.
I would like some nice fellow to edit the “group01” citizen and replace his head with the “group03” rebel head. I’ve tried this before, and I’ve failed hard.
My 3DS Max trial ran out a while ago, and I can’t get around to redownload it. (No, I’m not gonna get a pirated version.)
Also, I have no idea how complicated my second request is, but would it be possible to put these glasses on the model?
(The reason I want this is because I need this as a working player model for a video I’m planning to make.)
Oh, and only the “male09” head from “group03” is needed.
Bonus points for hexing, although I can probably do this myself, considering how much I am asking for.

Thanks, ShadeFox