Grouper Tool

I’m looking for a tool that can basicly group props and anything else together, kind of like smart constraint/no-collide multi/smart weld, but to not have the props be no-collided or welded together, I think people would definetly find this useful when they need to save things in the advance duplicator or something else.


I see what you mean. It’s too bad you’d need some type of constraint though.


333 posts, yay.

Anywho, perhaps someone can make a hacky method of this using constraints but not having things directly interact with each other?

Advanced ballsocket type constaints which don’t actually affect either prop perhaps?

Precisely what I was thinking. Free movement, but nocollide isn’t triggered. You could attach them using chain logic:

[lua]local LastEntity

for k, v in pairs( CONTRAPTION ) do
if ( LastEntity && LastEntity:IsValid() ) do
–constraint.AdvBallsocket stuff here

LastEntity = v


Then make a tool that groups them with advanced ball socket, I’m damn sure no one wants to have to do that to 30 or more props. Especially because some contraptiions have props inside props so that you cannot get to them, pain in the ass dont you say?