Grouping system and factions/clans

Hello. Recently I was watching Rust (because I’m too lazy and poor to actually buy it) and I got an idea; Why aren’t there factions and groups?

So, it would be accessed through the menu or a hotkey, you could create factions, join them with a password, you get the idea, do you?
When somebody joined the faction, a dot will hover over their head with the colour of that faction, but it can only be seen by the other faction members. Less friendly fire damage would be nice, too.
And it would avoid a LOT of confusion.

It would ruin a lot of things, and not the least make the clans OP as hell. The confusion with giant groups is the only thing keeping 20 player groups from ravaging the server.

I would like to see a custom clothes option or like spraypaint/tags to mark friends visibly, but then your enemy could do the same to confuse you so it wouldn’t be OP.

the problem with factions / clans / groups right now is the name change function, anyone can change their name to the faction and blend in just to steal all their stuff.

No. you really can’t. good groups use voice and things like that. I would never let even a friend in unless he says open the door over voip.

we need cloth to make us look different, when we can get a certain style that is unique from others we can make groups. Like bandanas or just cloth that can be tainted.

Helk has stated this already, there will never be in-game factions/clans.