Screenshots would be nice!

Thanks for this, seems easy enough to modify for your own needs, solid release!

Just a heads up, it looks like you left the API key in the groupr.lua

There isn’t anything to screenshot, it’s all through chat. EDIT: Added a screenshot of the config.

Had a feeling I would do that /facepalm, just removed the key from the DL’d source and revoked the key.

Very good, but I’m currently using other admin mods besides ULX. Would it be possible to make a version for Evolve?

Works fine with evolve, just checked.

It works with everything, the function that’s there is just an example.
Here’s an Evolve example:
GroupR.Config.RewardFunction = function(ply)

He probably didn’t know how to do ply:EV_SetRank(“member”).

Updated with support for private profiles and an extra configuration option for a message when the user’s profile is private.

This is awesome, I’ll try it on my server later today.

I’d like to try this out. But I run a F2S Stronghold server and I’m not sure how to add gbux to players on completion. I know this much:

RunConsoleCommand(“gbux_addmoney”, 10000, ply:Nick())

Is that correct?

Looks like it should work, I don’t know though, I don’t own F2S:Stronghold.

You’re close.

“Usage: gbux_addmoney <partial name> <money>”

So basically

RunConsoleCommand(“gbux_addmoney”, ply:Nick(), “10000”)


That’s one way of going about it. Alternatively, you should be able to just do: ply:AddMoney( 10000 )

Thanks Demon! I’ll go try that out once I get home :slight_smile:

Gonna test this out for my TTT server soon


Applied this to my server, work’s nicely. Only thing i bumped into; It doesnt add the player to the member group…

i might have forgotten something?

Helps to post your code that is ran when it checks (and is valid)

Did you add the ULX member group manually?

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Just added GroupR to my F2S: Stronghold server and am happy to say that it works flawlessly!! Thank you to Demonkush for helping me with the console code! This is really going to open up a lot more possibilities and organization for my community!