Groups ruining servers/game!


I play alone,so i mostly search for servers with 30-40 players on. I was playing on this server for roughly 2 weeks,i knew all the players. All groups oon it,had max 2 players in them. We all got along - meaning server was full pvp,and we enjoy killing eachother,surviving vs other players etc…

3 days ago,alot of players with russian names started logging in.At the end,they made group with 15-20 players in it.Made “town” in next valley.Yesterday,most of them had kevlar,some leather.All had m4’s.Then,they started running all over the map,killing everything. Then,they started raiiding.So far,they raided 6 bases,including mine,which required 26 c4 to get to first loot room.I was there,trying to deffend,but what could i really do vs 15 people.

We had such nice community,i knew most of the players,we had fun there every day.Now,server is ghost town.Everyone left.

I am not mad cause i got raided,im mad cause big groups always destroy nice servers. Im fine if you make groups of lets say 5 players,but anything over that is just dumb.

Also,if anyone knows of any server,where admin does not allow big groups,let me know - im from EU.

PS Most of you will say this is survival game,and surviving in group is the best way to go…Well,go on pve server then,where you are all one big happy group,and all you do is farm and “survive”

The thing with these big groups is they like to just roll servers. So if your community waits it out they usually leave after they have raided everyone as they just get board or complain there is no challenge.

If you’re losing then try not playing alone.

Don’t get me wrong, I get it, I’m a lone wolf, too. But it doesn’t work out very well right now, you just gotta find a group that works.

I doubt there would be many (or any) servers that disallow groups since that’s something that would be very very difficult for the admins to uphold.

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Why didn’t you make a fun game out of it?

You said you knew everyone, why didn’t you all pull together to kick those guys’ asses?

You gotta fight for your defense, sometimes that means trying a strategy that you haven’t tried yet or that you don’t like.

Sounds like your wonderful community of 30-40 just rolled over and took it up the butt. :zoid:

I would have instantly grouped up with the original server pop and gave the new guys a huge fuck you welcome :slight_smile:

Band together, stop being pussies.

Or… Get mad because people are better players than you and cry on the forums.

It’s not “bigger groups”, it’s not the game, it’s you.

This works for me on several occasion. The no-lifers move on pretty quickly, especially when the entire server pop “abandons” them.

I usually play on other servers for a while and check back every other day or so.


Thank you. :slight_smile:

I’ve seen this happen on 4 servers over the last few weeks.

A group starts getting large, raids everyone, and people leave.

I even saw one guy whining in chat that he had a huge base, all the blueprints, etc. etc. and was bored. I asked him if he would join up against the large group and he said ‘no, I am cool with them.’

I have no answer to how long term this might be resolved. I think it is partially due to the ridiculous number of servers. On any given day, you can find a server that has wiped in the last 24-48 hours, so if you get raided, it’s easy (and understandably attractive) to go start over on a new server where everyone else is starting fresh.

Ironically, the last switch I tried to make, I found that members of the large group that had killed the previous server had gotten the same idea and joined the new server I switched to because it had been recently wiped and had a lot of folks on it. They don’t seem to realize that it is their playstyle that results in the player base leaving. You can’t exactly expect them to change their style, though, when there’s always another server ready for them to go gang up on.

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While going lone wolf is tough, it is absolutely a problem that the really large groups tend to run a server into the ground. Expecting all the small groups and lone wolves to band together when it’s just easier for the server’s ‘sheeple’ to go find a new server is a bit unrealistic.

Banding together does not necessarily make one a better player.

Also, I don’t sense any kind of crying or complaining from the OP.

I don’t care how good you think you are, or how big your ePean is if its a 8vs3 or 10vs3 or something stupid where the numbers so largely against you, you won’t even get behind cover before you are shot down in most cases.

I’m not saying its impossible but you would have to even the odds out heavily before being able to push back the larger group period. Case and point the server I’m currently playing on, a group of Koreans joined. It was about 10-12 of them. When fighting them with a friend we killed 6 or 7 but it was just a matter of time till they re-spawned with a pipe shot gun and got us somehow, or widdled us down.

When it comes to larger groups you just have to team up or wait them out.

Well said.

Looks like Back Stabbath is upset after seeing everyone abandoned him/his group.

I know what you mean, yesterday I started playing and guys in full rad came and shot me up multiple time…

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I know what you mean, yesterday I started playing and guys in full rad came and shot me up multiple time…


Lol yeah, this is nothing, the other day I was farming resources when all of a sudden it sounds like 2-3 people with m4’s just spraying n praying until the clips ran dry. As i turn around before I got insta-gunned down by the flurry of bullets I saw it wasn’t people with m4’s it was 7 guys in leather all with P250’s. They where just all firing so fast in my general direction it sounded like a bunch of m4’s. Needless to say I lasted 1 second and was dead by the time I turned around :stuck_out_tongue:

I re-spawned and went on my way. It happens :stuck_out_tongue:

I seek out and fight the large groups. I use my brain and have multiple small stashes hidden around the map.

I catch them when they are running around in smaller groups. I use range and bolt action to get chased/split them up. I blow up their shit when they are raiding elsewhere or offline .

I don’t jump servers as soon as I get raided and realize a quick run through a rad town is all I need to get a wep and some bullets to start off and it’s possible to kill a bad zerger in full Kevlar with a bow and cloth armor.

In short I don’t play like a whiney victim.

Well the only time I got to play this game, I went to an edge hidden by a load of rocks, really hard place to see, and just set up a 1x1 base with a metal door, nobody is going to be wandering around there with C4, they will be focusing on the more open larger bases, I didn’t log in for three days and I was still there with all my stuff. So it’s possible to play by yourself even with large groups.

Something about this doesn’t seem right.

If you didn’t log in for 3 days then your 1x1 would have totally decayed. Unless, of course, you were on a non-vanilla server or if it was metal, but it doesn’t sound like you took the time to gather all of the metal pieces, they’re rather rare.

Would you like a medal to validate your l33tness? or existence in life? It’s a game, have fun and chill.

So whoever doesn’t play exactly like you is a whiney victim who doesn’t use their brain? You sound like a disrespecftul cocky little shit who needs to be knocked down a couple pegs. Grats on all your apparent Rambo-esque exploits in a computer game. And good job one-upping the people who, “whine about it on forums,” by trolling and insulting people on forums.


miqro i know exactly what server you are talking about. I used to live in next valley there, but i toke a break from the game as i couldn’t be bothered to rebuild myself in another server, atleast as long as there isn’t an update that would bring something more to the game.

Most of you are “smart-assing” that you should do this, do that. The specific group we are talking about had over 15 members. 5-7 Were ingame all the time, farming rad and mats for c4 so they could hit when most of them came in. This we can deal with but!

Their team had:
4 dudes with speedhack/aimbot
3 dudes with flyhack/aimbot
1 dude with noclip (and yes it worked, i never saw him get stuck nor kicked when he flew through my house)
They were hunting with p250’s oneshotting everything. Flying in from the roofs and doing things like that all day

How do you beat that team? There is no way unless you start hacking yourself. So before you start your preach on “oh you suck, not skilled enough, bla bla” learn about the situation at hand.