Grove St. In Da House



  • The walls aren’t black, they’re just very, Very, VERY dark.


me likey :v:

all you had to do was follow the damn train cj

cool as fuk, zerax approves

Right, just a hour after i desided to finally quit GTA san andreas i see this. Well fuck.


Maybe it’s because GTA IV has better graphics?

So, you’re playing games only 'cause of the graphics?..

Wow you tool, GTA IV has nowhere near as much content as GTA:SA. Both are great games but damn, you’re fucking dumb.

not much difference in the original and final version

Yeah, but I think it’s still better edited.

cj, you straight up BUSTA

Holy shit dude I thought I was looking at a screenshot of Sanandreas Nice job.

All those fucking snitches! I love this Game and you get the mood of it just right in your pic.

There’s pretty much no difference between the two. If you only softened/added a few shadows here and there you don’t need to post the unedited version. Just tell us what the minor changes were.

wow nice! looks like an actual screenshot from the game

It’s pretty much awesome.

Well, if it would be GTA:SA On Source Engine, then yeah!

Grove street

Posing is not that bad…