Growing and planting?

Will there be a feature for getting seeds, planting them and growing different herbs and plants in the future?

Great idea, herbs could be cures for zombie fever and colds and stuff also could be buffs

it would be pretty cool building a greenhouse or something to grow crops for food from the safety of your base rather than going out hunting for it.

Maybe even keep some animals? Or is this a step too far in the direction of Minecraft?
Would be cool to have an infinite source of resources. Makes it more interesting (Other groups/individuals wanting to take your base).

Yeah, but it kinda removes all motivation to leave your area and explore

Good point. Would be all about defending, which would be kinda boring :slight_smile:

It is something you would definitely want if you were building a town.

I haven’t actually played rust, but it probably depends on how Garry envisions it.

Will it be like Last of us where there is no sustainability or no way to achieve sustainability by staying in one place?

Or will it be like Stalker/Metro where you can build towns and achieve sustainability through community maintenance.

I’d love to see it go A Tale in the Desert type direction.

Of course if it’s in garry mod then it has to be… you know in the game

Well, I know he’s talked about building towns in his blog, so, sustainability is presumably where you’d go from there.

EDIT: Stalker is one of the cited inspirations