Growing plants?

I’d love to know, how does PERP/Darkland and some other RP’s have growing plants? Are they a series of models, or an animation? Thanks

series of models

The pot and the plant leaves are separate.

You then scale the leaves depending on the growth of the plant so that they get bigger over time.

Emz, mind pointing me in the direction of how to scale?

Is this it?

More like this…

But note that it is client side. You’ll have to use usermessages or nw vars to make it work for everyone.

I used network vars + Entity.SetModelScale. It was actually quite easy to do once you get your mind around the logic.

Great thanks

Hey sorry was offline most of today. But Nevec gave you the answer already.

If you run into any problems just post again I tend to look about this forum at least once a day when I get bored. xD

Yeah so remember when you said you would help, i kinda need it :S

I cant exactly get ahold of this setmodelscale thing :confused: Any help on how to send it to all the players so they can see? Ive tryed with all failed attempts

taken from perp

local SHeight = 5;
local SWidth = 2.5
local MaxHeight = 25;
local MaxWidth = 15;

function ENT:Draw()
local GrowthPercent = (CurTime() - self.SpawnTime) / self.GrowthTime;

if GrowthPercent <= 1 then
	local W = SWidth + (GrowthPercent * MaxWidth );
	self:SetModelScale(.05 * Vector(W, W, SHeight + (GrowthPercent * MaxHeight)));


// credits too hunts

inside cl_init.lua

w8 how did you get that code from perp? i asked the owners of darkland if i could use their source code for learning purposes and they denied me, is there a way to get it without them giving it to me?

it was leaked but no im not going too give it to you

oh, because i really wanted to learn from some of these scripts. was darkland leaked too?

Darkland wasnt leaked. Learn Lua yourself then try and re-create what they done.

i got the perp script aswell lol im take a look at it

Will you learn anything?

no but im sure he will steal lots

[sp]You will never learn.[/sp]

Im sure nearly the whole PE community have the script on their desktop. Doesnt exactly make you special. Just because you cant code properly yourself, dont go and copy and paste code from another gamemode.

What? For what is shared then please?

Any clientside/shared files are downloaded to you as dua files. You can just look at those yourself.

However you won’t learn anything and I personally don’t condone it.

Also if you’re stuck, you might want to share the code you did so far so that people can help you.