Growing Pot Plant Missing Textures

I recently downloaded this Growing Pot Plant for DarkRP for my DarkRP server:

Everything works fine, the entities work together just fine, when I give the seed to the pot, it grows and makes a Durgzmod Bag-o-weed and yeah… The only problem is though, the pot itself (not the drug, the actual POT) does not have a model. The plant of weed goes through a stage of like 8 different models, and i’ve downloaded these models from the raw model pack:

To see if that was the problem (and it wasn’t). I’ve checked the addentities.lua to see if I set the path correct, its correct alright. Does anyone know the solution to my model errors?

Maybe it’s using a texture from another Source game you don’t have? Usually, it’s CSS.

I have CSS, DOD, Portal, TF2, HL2: ep 1 and 2…It cant be that D: I looked in the .lua file and it calls the model (this is just an example, i forget the real name) “plant.mdl” and in the addentities.lua file (the file that holds ALL the DarkRP entities) the Weed_Plant is set to model “plant.mdl” D: