Growing Weed Plant For Darkrp

There are two entitys an empty pot and a seed.
When you drop the pot on the seed it starts to grow and when it is has a white outline it is ready to harvest.
When you harvest you will recieve an empty pot and 1 bag of weed.

These are only useable for darkrp.

But I must say again I do not claim any credit on the models or materials.

Use this please.

Thanks sorry for my noobness.

No problem.

Gah, that one looks almost just as the one i made :saddowns: still nice though


But mine wasent for DarkRP

Yeah i didnt expect to be that original this idea has been floating around for a while and I have seen it on different servers.
But this idea can be built on a lot such as adding randomness to the weed spawn when you harvest so it can spawn 2 or even 3.
And i give permission for anyone to do any of that to it and upload it for everyone else.

Hi, I think i have seen this somewhere, oh yeah, PERP :downs:

It’s exactly the same, did you even make this?


Yeah im trying to piss off as few many people as I can on my first upload but I already got someone claiming that I copied this.
But its the internet and that’s how its gonna stay.

Well this isnt like the one in perp. This one spawns weed, the one on perp grows and when its done you pick it up. Also this uses like 7 models for the growing part, perp uses 1. So its not stolen.

Yes i have gotten the idea from perp but it is not exactly the same.

Also did you even check the download?

Do you just ask if they even checked the download when they have obviously seen the fucking operation of the ent already. I even checked the code and the fucking guy cant code for shit. It’s very similar to my version, but you know what who cares. It’s LUA coding and it’s open source.

What I do care about is your piss poor attempt at using timer.create to change the models.

There is a way easier way to run those functions to change the models.

Firstly its my first upload and lua attempt.
Secondly if you can make a better one do so and if you have, why are you whinging about mine?
Thirdly thanks for the criticism :smiley:

Nobody’s heard of you, you don’t know that Lua is not an acronym, I call bullshit.

Want my code? PM me…

Why would I want to PM you for your code? If yours is “so much better” and think that you are “better” at coding than everyone else, why not post some examples of your code to prove so?

I really don’t like it when people come into this section with the “better than you” attitude without backing it up.

print(“I can print too!”)

Never said I was better, I said that his was similar to mine. It is also funny how this kid comes out of nowhere knowing Lua and you all trust him over some other random guy.

Here is part of the init.lua


function ENT:Initialize()
timer.Simple(30, self.CreateGrowth, self)

function ENT:CreateGrowth()
timer.Simple(math.random(100, 350), self.CreateGrowth1, self)

function ENT:CreateGrowth1()
timer.Simple(math.random(100, 350), self.CreateGrowth2, self)

function ENT:CreateGrowth2()
timer.Simple(math.random(100, 350), self.CreateGrowth3, self)

function ENT:CreateGrowth3()
timer.Simple(math.random(100, 350), self.CreateGrowth4, self)

function ENT:CreateGrowth4()
timer.Simple(math.random(100, 350), self.CreateGrowth5, self)

function ENT:CreateGrowth5()
timer.Simple(math.random(100, 350), self.CreateGrowth6, self)

function ENT:CreateGrowth6()
timer.Simple(math.random(100, 350), self.CreateGrowth7, self)

function ENT:CreateGrowth7()
timer.Simple(math.random(100, 350), self.CreateGrowth8, self)

function ENT:CreateGrowth8()


Happy now?

EDIT: For all those wondering where the rest of the code is, I only showed the change model and initialize for the model and timer for the functions because it’s all you need to know.


I apologise for the print comment…

SetModel(“I can set models too.mdl”)