Growing Weed Plant (Ported to GM13)

From a brief search on Google and[sp]not being able to search on these forums because it is disabled[/sp]I have come to the conclusion that no-one has actually released this yet.
I ported it over to GM13 for my DarkRP server, and thought “Why not release it onto Facepunch too? I’m sure that it’d save at least 1 person some time.”, so here it is;
Version 3.5(Fixed by ms33!)
Version 3 (Broken) (Changelog: Added another 3 variations that display the text “Cannabis Plant” instead of “Weed Plant”, changed the seed model to a Watermelon instead of Bugbait (Bugbait couldn’t be grav gunned))
Version 2 (Broken) (Changelog: Added another 2 variations that display who owns the plant and that state that it is a weed plant, either still or spinning text.)
Version 1 (Broken) (Changelog: Ported over from GMod 12 to GMod 13. Initial Release.)

UPDATE (Again)
I have decided to also make some other drug farming entities, such as a Methlab and… other things that I am unsure of as of yet.
I will most likely release a bunch of these as a bundle tomorrow.

The ZIP folder now contains 3 different versions; one without any text above it, another with text above it stating that it is a weed plant and who the owner is, and another with spinning text above it stating that it is a weed plant and who the owner is.

It includes;
Two entities, 3 variants (The weed plant and the seed for it)
An example of what to add to addentities.lua

The regular plants;

With text above;

It’s exactly the same as the old one;
(1) - Buy Pot Plant from F4
(2) - Buy Seed from F4
(3) - Make the two touch using the gravgun
(4) - Weed grows, when it is done press E on the plant and a bag of weed will come out

I have made only 1 change (if you ignore the text); instead of glowing around the edges of the model when fully grown, it instead turns green.

This requires Durgz mod which can be found on the Workshop. The models for the plant can be found here.

Enjoy! c:

(I’m very new to lua btw, so if I have done anything wrong please tell me what I should be doing instead. This was a simple port so I’m guessing that there won’t be any issues, but if there are then please let me know, even if you want to be an asshole about it it’s useful to me so meh)

Could you add a sort of small text saying whose it is from? Such as a money printer.

I guess that I could try it.
I’m not sure where to position it, though. Perhaps floating above the plant and spinning round? (Like the gunlab)

So this is what I have managed to do;

Wow thanks for listening, great job!

No problem! :slight_smile:

Great job! On problem. I have been looking for Drugz Mod for ages, does anyone have a link as to where I can get it?

Time to smoke weed er’ day. This is hilarious.

Well done. Thank you! very helpful.

For some reason this model specifically shows up as an error for some of my players, all durgz mod is fine it’s just this one. Weird.

Hey Pebsie, Edit your
“This requires Durgz mod, and the models which can be found <here>” link.

Takes you to<br%20/>
When it should be
If I’m not mistaken.

You should change the text above it to say “Cannabis” instead of “Weed Plant”, it’s not only correct but it sounds nicer too.

Know where I can find this “Drugz Mod” ? Cant seem to find a working file download.

Ahh, This bring’s me back to my childhood… Anyway, Good job I love it.

If anyone is looking for durgzmod it is here:


Would anyone be able to get me the weed model with just the plant part but no pot? I need this for a weed mod im working on that will grow plants on grass ( or any other dirt like texture in the map )

Look in the files…

Sorry, I haven’t been checking up on this thread for quite a while.

I’ll update the OP with a link to Durgz mod and the correct link to the model.
Thanks for the support!

(also, with regards to renaming it “Cannabis Plant”, I’ll make an alternative version of it with the text as Cannabis Plant.)

Updated the OP, now also includes a link to the previous 2 versions if you prefer them for any reason.
I’ve also changed the model of seeds to a Watermelon in the latest version as it allows the watermelon to be gravgunned.

local phys = self:GetPhysicsObject()
if (phys:IsValid()) then
phys:SetMass( someValue )

I did say that I am very new to Lua and it works better with the Watermelon model anyway. If you want to add that code to the Bugbait version then go ahead.