-[GRS]- WW2RP + WW2RPScript [24/7] [must see!]

hello guys , today i decided to make a adveristement thread to our server, we
own 3 servers at the moment and its 2 gmod servers and 1 css server.

feel free to join us at http://www.grs-servers.com

** inventory

  • anti minge

  • good admins

  • realistic

  • updating two times + / week

  • this is the original server

  • active comunity

  • many jobs

  • fun*

Here is some pictures of our ww2rpscript server that is based on cider and it has cool stuffs and u has a inventory that saves even if u disconnect from the server and connect again.


so , what are you waiting for?!

Here is some pics of our ww2rp server , and its based on darkrp.

WW2RP Gameplay video!

And our old launch trailer [WW2RP]


See you on our servers :slight_smile:


if u have any questions please ask me!

Its a DM-fest. I saw no roleplay happening at all.

why didnt u tell a admin?


anyone else want to ask anything?

I am constantly spawning stuck because their is a large prop above or inside of me.

a shit mod of darkrp with whiny 12 year olds and dming, dont go to this server, no rp at all.

Another shitty attempt to create a WW2RP.

dude , you a fucking stealer , keep it on your thread -.-


shitty atemp? , stupid troll i have 2 servers and your like “a shitty atemp”


darkrp?? you gotta be kidding read the thread before post huh?


you cant dm? you dont spawn with weapon? o.O

whats up with you guys? the server is fucking awsome i started to play it yesterday…

thank you.

Its funny cause your join date is yesterday, so chances are he begged you to make a account/you are him.

huh ? what do you want? i dont even know how to logout from fp 4 sure…


get a life dude , get a girlfriend instead of whining on peoples threads.

Internet tough guy, I see.

so? , whats the problem

You’re most likely a 10 year old kid attempting to lead a community.
It will die very soon.

The script isn’t Cider, it’s DarkRP.

well our comunity is stable and good , and i bet your like 6 years old that likes to complain about stuffs , we own 2 servers ? 1 is darkrp and 1 is cider -.- *

You can’t call someone 6 when your grammar is worse than a retarded 4 year old.

Dark RP drama at its’ finest.

there is 2 servers

Saying your community is “stable and good” is a blatant lie…

WOW not trolling but you keep mentioning that you have 2 servers! Wow so you probably do some little paper round and earn enough money to buy 2 servers, then you read instructions on how to add jobs in darkRP and suddenly say it’s Based on darkRP!

If i see a server that said it was based on darkRP i expect to see a server witch uses a totally new GUI and has nothing of the sort when your looking for jobs / warranting players!

Basically it’s a load of shit!

Right thats for the negative, now improvements…

  • Call it darkRP if you cant mod it yourself properly!
  • You have your own website
  • You’ve made a server video
  • Try to stop constant minging, your going to need to go through the admin recruitment process (DON’T SELL ADMIN!)
  • If you already have a sufficient list of admins either refer to ^^^^^^^ or kick them for not being in-active and get more!

First line of text you say it has some “cool stuffs” edit the error.

I Think I’m done here.
Good luck!