-[GRS]- WW2RPScript

Semi - Serious World War 2 Roleplay

**Hello guys, today i decided to remake a adversitement of our ww2rpscript server because the other one i made went to hell.

*Here is some info

**Webiste: **www.grs-servers.com

Info about the server


The Axis

here is a picture of the gas chamber.

here is a picture of a execution

Here is a list of the axis jobs

Nationalsozialistischen Leader

Wehrmacht Patroller

Wehrmacht Troop

Wehrmacht Commander

The Rebels

**Webiste: **www.grs-servers.com

MORE INFO AND PICS WILL COME SOON!, i know my enlish and grammar is bad but i hope it wont fuck up this thread :confused:

and thank you guys who supports me <3 your all awesome!


let me know if I spelled anything wrong.





This looks cool, i was told about this on my thread that shall not be named. I was going to make some grammer nazi comment when i realized you where from sweeden. Is it done now, or is it still being worked on?

Looks better then your old thread, I’ll check it out soon.

thank you :slight_smile:

What the fuck is up with all these ww2 rp servers lately :colbert:

what do you mean :>

Stole our idea.

erie gtfo, and stop steal peoples stuffs.

I saw your server advertised a while ago. I concur.

this guy erie is sending me weird pm’s and hes doing everything to steal our new gamemode, here is a screenshot of a message i got RANDOMLY.


well lets not make this thread to a war thead, well i hope you guys enjoy the server

Definitely better than the old thread, almost makes me want to get Day of Defeat just to play on this server.

Are you sure this gamemode won’t become a DM-gamemode? Is it based on DarkRP or is it made from scratch?

Eries server is full of minges, i tried it.

its based of cider, mysql based.

…with a inventory


thx :slight_smile:


true, i wish i could block people on facepunch so i can get rid of the rage pm’s

This isn’t based off of cider, it is cider.

No noo, he has changed teh name which meens is based not cider, name is diffurent!!!11!!11!!

… I hate this server with a passion. I got killed around 80 times in a row just to see how long it would take for the minge to get kicked/banned.

Actually only the Eries DarkRP server is full of minges, but the SeriousRP one is okay.

cant be true, we has admins online 24/7 and it opened 2 weeks ago because it was under construction.

so please gtfo troll.


lets call it cider then.

Thank you for noticing. We know the DarkRP is full of minges, we like to find it to be more of a form of base wars.

Can’t you get more admins to the DarkRP version?