Grubs attack the Combine.

DoD Stlye.

A Grub-cookie to anyone who can find the Movie poster reference in this picture.


Wtf! I lol’ed
Haha awesome!


I got no idea :X

Hint: Movie takes place in Vietnam.

I’m looking, Is it a old movie?


Tropic thunder?

I gave you a hint already. Sorry.


Fine, I’l give you another hint, the reference is one of the combine soldiers.




Now I need to make a Grub cookie picture…

damn right

Oh my god, I was fixing to put that too



Damn you ninjas D: :argh:

Fine, here’s your cookie. Grub flavored with vanilla and chocolate.

Awesome. :smiley: We need more fun poses like these. :slight_smile:


Also, is that Dean Winchester from Supernatural as your avatar?

Anyone going to provide any C&C?

I liked the Combine on the far right.

Just because he is dancing?

I thought it was more of a “Gah, get them off of me!” look.

He’s doing both at the same time. :smug: