Grudge NPC

I want to request a grudge npc. It would be good for horror and stuff like that. So please, if there are modelers and coders here and who are reading this, if you have the time, please make this. I have been wanting this for 5 years.

(Please do not ban me for putting this in the wrong place if it is in the wrong place)


I just figured out this IS in the wrong place. I’ll make another thread in the right place.

Sorry for this!

Harmless Companion Cube is a good one, the Ghost Special entities are good too.

Could I please have the link to the Ghost Special entities? I know about the Harmless Companion Cube. But what I am requesting here is for somebody to make an actual model for the grudge. And in the movie ‘The Ring’ it can like teleport or something. And I also want a spawn point for it that only creates on at a time. And the model of the spawn point could be a plasma screen TV. And the Grudge comes out of it with a cool effect.

Well i have this: It’s nightmare house girl with “Grudge” reskin. It has white bloody dress and pale skin and long black hair. Model is not made by me, only the reskin. This replaces one of your citizens and it follows you. But, it doesn’t hurt you.

Sounds like a ghost from the project zero series.