Grumpy Jetpack V2 (Release)


You know or have probably seen my jetpack at one point or another, it was getting a bit old and I had made significant improvements to my flight code while building my Apache and Chitty Chitty Bang Bang, so I decided it was time for a new one.

Same deal as the old one, fully mouse aimed, all apply force etc

This is not only a new model, but a fully re-written flight system. Puts my old jetpack to shame. V2 is smooth and easy to fly with many great effects including my artificial horizon! (Kinda useless but badass none the less)

I’ll just upload the 1 picture, there are 2 more on the download page but using is better than seeing, so give it a go!

Comments appreciated, plus somebody make me a video lol.

Thanks d00ds

I like it, looks meaty. Good jub.

this thing is sexy as hell to fly

OP made a jetpack that is red.

Whoever makes the vid has to decide between “overly dramatic nodex music” and “yakkety sax”.

I wondered if there was ever gonna be a second release of this, the first was epic…gotta download it and try it :slight_smile:

Make a version where the wings flip out, Buzz Lightyear style :q:

It was already good, now its better.

The first was insanley fun to fly. I have high hopes for this one.

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No pun intended.

I love the good use of RPGs as details on the wings. Unfortunately I do not download dupes but if I did I would this one.

Oh yeah, and it looks like plastic. New mats please/.

I kind of like kaynes mats actually.


Sorry guys… I just came.

I love you grumpy. My friend and I owe you a few hours of our lives that you made amazing with your first jetpack.

Liking the texturing I must say.

Loving it to pieces, just have the issue that it’s thrown out of balance when you weld weapons (turrets, gcombat etc.) to it… I found the best way is to parent it to the invisible block on the lower back of it. Found it work better.

err weight them 0.1, no grav and right click no collide