Grunts being annihilated by a marine

Mow mow mow your boat.

The goremaster strikes again.

Wow, what’s with the REALLY excessive blur?

Nice gore as always, tad too cartoon-y though.

I like blur.

Yeah, I noticed. Blur is fine if used correctly, you should be able to see what’s going on. If it wasn’t for the title, I wouldn’t.

You seriously wouldn’t see that the guy below is shooting on the other guys? Mmh. You better use two monocles. D:

Wanted to use the Macro Photo bla bla technique again. Then I was just messing around and started editing it.

Jesus H. Christ.


OMG those blood effects made me jizz on my keyboard AND mouse.

dat blood

Interesting blood effects - I like them. Weird camera angle and blur though, and boring use of cs_assault.

tapeworm blood

The blood looks like you rendered it in a 3D programm, did you? (was trying that some time ago, but i failed)

Nah I just drew some blood splats from scratch. :slight_smile:

Yeah, like I said I was kinda experimenting with some models and photoshop, I always experiment on Assault. :stuck_out_tongue:

I must agree with Haxxer, easy with the Blur.

The blue guy that you talk about is more of a “out of focus blueish blob”.

The blood is in epic levels of awesome. Congrats on the choice of cartoon style gore in this one.

yur a fucking mosquito

It’s been too long

This may be surprising, but i’m not an insect in real life. :o