gRust | Rust in Garry's Mod


Over a month ago I decided to take on a project where I would recreate Rust in gmod. I have been working on it daily ever since and I finally released a teaser video a week ago on new years day. So far people seem to love it which is amazing.

Here are some images of what I have done so far

This is the pie/radial menu, it was the first thing I worked on and I’m extremely happy how it turned out.

Here is the HUD and notifications, I’m still working on both, but I have the basic thing nailed down.

This is the deploy system, I made it extremely easy to make items deployable which is great because it speeds up development time by a lot. When deploying items it will rotate with displaced ground as you can see in the video, you can also pick up deployed items.

This is the eoka pistol, I managed to find a model for the eoka on the workshop which saves me a lot of time, because exporting from unity to source is extremely time consuming

And finally, the building system, it has a few minor flaws but it is just as capable as the rust building system, I am able to create the same bases with the same features just as I intended. I want players to be able to follow a rust building tutorial and apply that into gRust.

Here is the teaser video I uploaded a week ago: gRust - YouTube

If you want to follow development, please join the discord!


Looks really well made

I’ve always wanted some sort of Rust like a survival game in Gmod and this is it. Keep up the good work, this looks amazing.

I guess a good survival gamemode is better late than never

Please add back the zombies

I see that someone has played that OG Rust as well :slight_smile:

I miss the wooden shelter

This is brilliant!

Great work!


Wow! Thank you so much man, means a lot coming from you :smile:

Looks really cool! I want to play already!

I wonder if this gamemode will be public or private. I think a lot of people will open servers just to get a Rust on Gmod. :smile:

Nice work!

Made another showcase video on what I have worked on since.


lighting looks and bit smelly, I assume it’s just gmod and there’s not much you can do to fix it

This is unbelievable. Well done!

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My friends made an amazing video showcasing the new stuff I did for my gamemode + some gameplay footage. Huge thanks to @DanFMN


I pray you don’t drop the project as soon as you have to work on NPC AI, that seems like the last big hurdle left other than polishing.

I think you are very excited to replicate what you did on Garry’s Mod but better on S&Box. However, it’s a great job, bravo. :muscle:

Yeah, I have never actually done NPC’s before in gmod, so if it ever comes to the point where I just absolutely can’t do it, I can just hire someone to do it for me. But I have come too far to give up on it for one small hurdle.

Thanks! I can’t wait for S&box, making a rust gamemode in it would surely be easier seeming as all the assets are there. Getting the assets from Unity to Source has been the biggest pain so I had to hire somebody to port some models on this gamemode.
Anyway, fingers crossed I can get my hands on early access for S&box :crossed_fingers:


So what’s the plan for handling the game servers once the project is complete?