gRust | Rust in Garry's Mod

I’ll have US & EU servers, 2 of each on launch and I’ll expand if there is a demand.

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This is insane. Good work!

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Some updates!

I made my first blog post for the gamemode

Me and some of the testers had a session alongside two YouTubers.
One of them is quite a well known Rust youtuber called Memeio who will hopefully be uploading his gRust video soon.
The other youtuber has livestreamed a good portion of the session and uploaded it, here it is.

I’ll post Memeio’s video once he has it done!

Here are some of the guns, I got somebody to port the viewmodels for me as I find porting a huge pain for me personally.

Looking back at the original post above, almost everything has changed.
I might make another separate forum post showing off everything that has been done since last time. Let me know if you guys would be interested.

Also, thank you to everyone for the feedback, it means a lot.
If you have any questions just ask and I will get back to you.


Why not put this playermodel while we’re at it?

Memeio played it? Good shit mate
Haven’t heard that name in a while
Didn’t know he blew up in subscribers, good for him.

This is so fucking cool

I did use it a while back, but I noticed a few issues with it so that’s why I’m currently using the default citizen playermodels.

Thanks :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:

Insanely nice job! Feels kinda like wasted potential now that S&box is soon coming out, but amazing none the less.

I’m sure gmod will be alive for a good while after s&box releases, but making this gamemode has given me knowledge in almost every aspect of gamemode development.
I can surely use those skills on making a s&box gamemode, I’m really looking forward to it.


Nice job, pardner!

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Here is Memeio’s video!

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that pie scroll though

Bit late to be doing this in Garry’s Mod but it looks like an okay copy. I might’ve played this if it came out a year ago or two

The trailer has been released!


this is a great remake of the trailer

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