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Info: GRW/Garrysmod Railworks is owned and created by TBoy205, an “advanced train builder” who started the server on February 10th of 2009. He has been a server owner for many years (5+) and although may not be on the server often, is a mature and respected player among many servers and communities. As the name may suggest, GRW is a train building community, and although you don’t have to build trains, it’s highly suggested.

Map name: gm_star_pass_noon ( http://subversion.assembla.com/svn/elvenstarnet/Gmod/mapping/Starpass_plus_addons.zip )

Server IP:

Steam Group: http://steamcommunity.com/groups/garrysmodrailworks

Rules: A full set of rules and server information (such as a list of administrators) can be found here. Please note that the server admins are not very tolerant. Depending on what you do we may or may not give you a fair warning before kicking and or banning you. The admins will never accept “sorry I forgot to read the rules” as stated in the MOTD that once you have joined the server and have pressed close, you have confirmed that you have read all and agreed to its terms. Any obvious rules not mentioned in the MOTD such as spamming still apply, and you will be severely punished for it.

Other info: We kindly ask that any dupes you have acquired through download not to be used (take drunken combine for example), as although they can be fun, get really annoying after being repeatedly seen/used. So if you could, please keep to things you have created yourself. We also ask that anything defined as annoying (as in every player on the server wishes for it to be die in a fiery hole of doom) for you to remove it.

At some points the server will have mics enabled, and when they are we would like to maintain an enjoyable environment, meaning: no playing audio files, stick to using your own voice; keep your microphone output to a minimum, no one wants to hear “HEYYYY GUYSSSSS!”; minimum age of say… 14-15, were not actually going to ask, but if you sound like a squealing little girl then we’re going to ask you to stop talking.

Thanks for reading, and we at GRW hope you have a great time on our server. If you experience any problems with other players or have technical difficulties then feel free to contact one of the available admins. If you experiencing a much more complicated problem then usual please feel free to contact me over PM.

Some textures are missing. If these are custom textures, could you please provide a link to the download of those textures? Also, a few models are missing too. I have TF2, Portal, CS:S, HL2, EP1, EP2, HL2:LostCoast. Please help me…

How much is all the DLC gonna cost in total?


Added the models, materials, and map to the op.

DLC content is only 50$ per map.

So I have to pay 50 to play the map? Then fuck it.

At least $4bn

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I love building trains in gmod, would join this server if I could.

Man every time when i build a train it does not want to go upwoards, if there is just a little hill it stops and does not want to go forward. Help please

I’ve never built a train before… I’ve gotta try this.

Can somebody help me, please it’s very annoying that the train does not want to go up the hill.