-=GRW=- Train Competition



Welcome to the first Garrysmod Railworks Train competition.

This thread will inform you of what this competition is about and how to join.


Server name: -=GRW=- Garrysmod Railworks
Date and Time of competition: June 13th @ 5:00 PM Central Time

**Description:**A group of 5-7 players will be entered in a competition to see who can make the best looking and functioning train in the time alloted (Will be decided later on). There will be 3 judges: TBoy205 (The server owner), Bellminator (Me + Co-Owner), and Snolf. The winner of the competition will receive VIP status and a custom built train engine (Created by TBoy) specially made for this competition alone.

**Signing up:**You can sign up for this competition by PMing me with the following information-

[li]Your steam name[/li][li]Your steam id[/li][li]Time spent playing GMod[/li][li]Any pictures/videos of your work with trains[/li][/ul]

If you are accepted you will be given the server password for that day and more information on the competition itself.


[li]The trains must be built within the time alloted. Any work made before the competition starts will not qualify (excluding SELF-MADE E2s). [/li][li]The trains are only allowed to be made with either vanilla or PHX props.[/li][li]You may not receive tips or hints from other players DURING the competition. Any time before or after is fine.[/li][li]The train you build must be based off a real life train. You do not have to work off any pictures, but you must provide the name of the train you are working off of and your train must look similar to that model.[/li][/ul]


Thanks for reading, and good luck!
-The GRW Team

Im in but only if I am allowed to get bonus points for engine power.

The trains are not based off a points system, but engine power will give you a higher chance of winning.

You’re going to need at least a week to build the locomotives.

Who is, the competitors?

I kinda think that would be unfair to some of the competitors. We can’t really tell how long someone has spent on their train.

Well you sure can’t make a train in two hours, Bell. Hands down.

Disagree, I can recreate my Shay in 2 hours if I know the shape. Especially since I dont need to make the E2s again.

He said decent, Trekkie. <.>

Your so nice.

Fixed the date in the OP.

Its Wednesday the 9th

It has to be based on a real train? :confused:

I’d say no at this point.

1: If your version of decent is to be used, then nobody can compete.

2: Why hasn’t competitor list been update?

I never got a PM from anyone.

Competition started, no judges showed up >_<

What are the requirements to be a judge?

You have to be Tboy, Bell, or Snolf.

Shit, I forgot to change the date to the 13th (Sunday).

TBoy has drivers ed so we had to change it. I guess I forgot :frown: