[release][tab]Name:[/tab] Gs_Bootcamp_v2

[tab]Author:[/tab] Fideera

[tab]Version:[/tab] 2.0

[tab]Description:[/tab] Large Training Map

[tab]Requirements:[/tab] Counter-Strike: Source/Half-Life 2/Half-Life 2: Episode 2


Welcome to the Gs_Bootcamp_v2 release thread. This is the bootcamp training map for the Gmod Soldiers Military Simulation Group. From the Read Me file:

Hello, and thank you for downloading gs_bootcamp_v2. I also thank you for your 2328 downloads of gs_bootcamp_v1. This map is for use on the Gmod Soldiers sandbox server ( If you are wanting to join Gmod Soldiers, please join the public group profile at Once that is done, you will need to wait for an event labeled, “Bootcamp Day 1”. When that event appears, you will need to join the server, and from there you can attend your first day of Bootcamp. Bootcamp takes 2 days of training from us, and once it is completed, you will either be accepted or denied into the Gmod Soldiers. If accepted, you will be admitted into the Army, and from there you can move into another branch (if a spot is available, and if you pass their test). You will also need to register on our forums which can be found at



This is the bootcamp map for Gmod Soldiers bootcamps. The map contains the following components:
~Two large open spaces.
~A Classroom with a storage area in the back of the room.
~A barracks for the recruits, filled with footlockers, bunkbeds, and lockers.
~A Generator room that supplies power to the base (obviously just for show).
~An obstacle course with the following components:
-Over/Under obstacles
-Platform jump
-Climb wall
-Door obstacle
-Electrified netting
~A fully working shooting range.
~A parking lot (for show).
~A tunnel connecting the two areas.
~A C130 with fake moving clouds for realism.
~A landing pad for parachuting from the C130.
~A M.O.U.T. house with three different furniture presets and a furniture removal button.
~A helipad.
~A reaction drill with three different target presets and a target removal button.
~A small area for APC training.
~A secret credits room.
~Increased Skybox height which allows you to fly from one area to the other.

The map also contains:
~Full lighting.
~A custom soundscape and rain particle for the rain version.
~Falling snow on the Winter version (WARNING: If you teleport to the C-130, and teleport back to the normal part of the map, the snow will no longer be falling. It is unknown why this occurs; func_precipitation is a very picky entity. However, it could be considered as if the snow stopped falling like normal weather patterns.)

The map also comes in three versions:
~Normal (Sunny)
~Rain (Stormy)
~Winter (Snowy)



To install this map, take the folders labeled, maps, materials, particles, and scripts, and place them in your C:/Program Files/Steam/steamapps/<YOUR ACCOUNT NAME>/garrysmod/garrysmod folder. (NOTE: I have already tried making this in addon format, but the particles and soundscapes wiill only work if directly placed in their appropriate folders)



This map includes content from the following games and mods:

~Team Fortress 2
~Counter-Strike: Source
~Half-Life 2
~Half-Life 2: Episode 2
~Eternal Silence

This map includes content from the following maps:


This map includes content from the following packs:

~Real World Textures
~cncr04s Texture Packs 1 & 2

This map includes content created by Fideera and Terminator.

To see the content from Counter-Strike: Source, Half-Life 2, and Half-Life 2: Episode Two, you will need to own the respective games. All other content has been pakratted into the map itself.



Fideera -=- Mapping/Textures
Terminator -=- Mapping
Kazuo -=- Partial Lighting
BMCHA -=- Textures (gm_skydive2008_rc1)
Echo199 -=- Textures (gm_skydive2008_rc1)
cncr04s -=- Textures (cncr04s Texture Packs 1 & 2)
TOPHATTWAFFLE -=- Textures (Real World Texture Pack)


Thank you to everyone listed in the credits. This map is dedicated to GS.


Holy Jesus, that’s a large map.

Yes, it incorporates everything taught in the GS bootcamp.

Im going to miss you man hope you do well in your future endeavors…final sequence lol

Was the big hollow skybox around the top part of the map really necessary?

Its in order to allow helicopters to travel from one section of the map to other. In the original, it did not exist. And long time no speak HighDef. Its Trigger from Reich.

Thanks Ice.

cool, some parts are blocky though.

I understand such. Its made to be functional, not pretty.

The details in the map are made to show off a story or such a similar background. What I’d like to point out is you’re lighting is pure whitish. Also, your lights don’t have any light sources, such as ceiling lights and lamps and etc. Also, not sure if you’re using light_spots, but if you aren’t, add them pointing 180 degrees away from the light sources and set their brightness power to 500, and decrease the light entities’ brightness power to something like 30, and place them 8 units below the light_spots. Also it wouldn’t hurt to change the colors of your lighting around.

Thanks for the advice HighDef, but this is the final version of the map. No further work will be completed, as earlier today I left GS, and to be honest, I’m sick of looking at this monster in my Hammer Editor.

We’ll miss you. I gotta say, it feels weird not having you in the TS. On behalf of everyone else, I thank you for all that you’ve given to the group and all that you’ve put into it.

At first I thought “Another dumbass clan map, eh? This’ll be terrible.”

Then I went “Holy shit.”

This map looks impressive.

Thanks. Its probably about a half a year’s work of on and off mapping. I was finally able to complete the V1 on May 22nd, and that was without the nice Credits Texture, the MOUT house, the Reaction drill, the working road system, the grenade toss…uhh…basically, lets just say i was mapping my ass off in the past two weeks or so.

Jesus, Gmod Soldiers is still going?

I remember being on there server a few times…

For V3 try to make the barracks less blocky. Like arched metal structures. A good example would be the various military bases in Heart of Evil for HL1.
I’ll take a look at this map and maybe even make a .VMF of my versions of some of the buildings that you can copy/paste in.

The buildings are blocky in terms of “plain walls”.
I really like the idea of this. Work on detail and you will absolutely have a download from me.


IIRC they are a bunch of assholes. Atleast on their server they were.

You are probably referring to a few specific people that are no longer in GS.

And thanks for the suggestions guys, but this is definitely the final of the map. I wont be making a V3.

Here you go. Feel free to use/modify.

Overall layout could use improvement as well.

It used to be alright when i went on there, it was the only server that didn’t admin the hell out of the Gcombat weapons…

I take it Oddball and such are still leading it?

Yep they are, never liked them, when i joined they hated my soul and so i quit.