Cleared For Release to the Public


Official Sandbox Map of The Gmod Soldiers Military Simulation Group

-Enlarged Construct Area
-Desert with a small village
-Desert and Construct areas are Fully noded for npcs

All Textures Are Compressed into the map

NOTICE: This map requires the +r_hunkalloclightmaps 0 fix in order to run.
Just drop the code into your gmod startup preferences.


Have to say, Not bad, Not bad at all. …

1x Artistic for you

I have to say, it looks a bit like de_dust.
Unfortunately, I can’t say that in a good way.
Nice try, but not worth a download.

I’ll try my hand at some constructive criticism:
-Too much HDR (not a lot, but still)
-Weird Glass texture in first pic.
-some weird lighting going on there…

Probably suits its purpose well, but I’d not use it anywhere besides on the server it’s made for.

Too Counter-Strike-ish.

Why do you have a block wall texture for the ceiling?


Notice here that your wall texture is stretched?

That’s because it wasn’t designed for that use, it’s actually only the bottom 2/3s of the wall. Like so;

I think i played on the GS server before.

Was… pretty bad, But map does not look too bad… I guess.

I don’t like it mainly because you are in Gmod Solders. Also map is okay if I didn’t care.

When i saw gs_construct for some reason i said this in my head “goooood-shit construct” xD
oh and nice map ^^

For once GMod Soldiers did something not shit. :bravo:

Map shoves its HDR penis into my eyes.