gShark - Because real men don't download

gShark is basically a script which can be installed on either a server or client. You can play music from any source that can be embedded directly from the URL using embed tags.

It’s designed to work best with YouTube for convenience. However, it’s not limited to YouTube. You can host mp3 files on your webhost and stream from them too.

Shut the fuck up Flapadar, now give me gShark!

Simmer down Jimmy, you haven’t even seen it. Media is below, you can skip past it if you’re that desperate for a download link.

<YouTube video will go here when my shitty 0.1kb/s upload speeds has finished uploading it.>

gShark automatically updates (Like FapHack) so you do not need to worry about having an outdated version of the script. I will only ever need to update the core files in order to fix a major bug and whatnot, and you’ll receive a notification.

This could be useful.

You should release the automatic updater as a separate library, it could be quite useful for some people. Looks good anyways :3:

It’s a pretty messy script honestly. I’ll try learning patterns a bit better before I release it as something for other developers to potentially use.

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Added download link to OP.


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[gShark] Attempting to download latest revision…
Couldn’t include file ‘gShark\client.lua’ (File not found)

I just realised I forgot to AddCSLuaFile the client backup when I split it to autoupdate. Ah well, I can fix that in the next hardcopy release, and it’s easy enough for people to temporarily fix.

It’s actually working now. Don’t know if you did anything, but no bugs here. :v:

I can’t update the server code. What happened is you downloaded the up to date version from my webserver, and now that’s on your client and so it can run. The backup copy won’t work until you add the AddCSLuaFile, or until I release a full update with it - I can’t update the serverside portion of the code automatically.

Heh. Grooveshark.

Also, i just listened that ALESTORM song :smiley:

dont hear the music on my server when i play it :frowning: I putted the map in addons ? Weird

Do you have flash installed?

only for :

Internet Explore
Google chrome
otherbrowser thingy

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can’t realy find the right flash ?

Have you tried several urls? Some music videos are blocked by the copyright rubbish.

i tried a few songs like 5 all didnt work , also tried some songs that arent known that good

Type this in the console and printscreen the output.

lua_run_cl gShark.HTMLPanel:SetVisible(true) gShark.HTMLPanel:SetSize(300,300)

Try playing a song after that.

srry wasn’t online this week , But this is what i get :

Input : lua_run_cl gShark.HTMLPanel:SetVisible(true) gShark.HTMLPanel:SetSize(300,300)
[LuaCmd:1] attempt to index field ‘HTMLPanel’ (a nil value)

Damn, must have forgotten my variable name. 1 sec, will find it.

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Wait it’s right. Play a song first, then type that.

[LuaCmd:1] <name>’ expected near ‘1’

There’s not even a 1 in that line… odd.