[GSP] BMRF is opening the doors to clients again, limited space available. First come first serve basis!


IMPORTANT: We’re considering offering a Europe location for those who simply need the best service and security for their servers they can get, but to do so we’re gauging interest. If you’re interested in a European location from us please post here or let us know by email, and also where you would like it to be.

We at BMRF have completed an expansion of our service and thus have opened up orders again, the amount of servers available however is limited.

Now first and foremost there are some important notes:

DDoS protection. No different “tiers” of service, any server from us will receive the fullest level of protection we can offer, no exceptions.
Round the clock support through our ticket system. We also have a livechat but it is not manned 24/7.
No overselling and no resource usage restrictions to ensure optimal performance.

A fancy control panel. Our control panel is a basic stop/start/restart/update panel, no auto installation of mods or editing configurations through it.

With that out of the way we must emphasize we’re a GSP focused on communities and developers. Our tools (or lack thereof) are not the easiest to use but we offer unrivaled control over your server. You never have to wait for us to update mods for you as you can keep them on the bleeding edge yourself.


128 slot Rust server - $45,00 p/m

256 slot Rust server - $55,00 p/m

We can also quote custom slot counts, but not below 128 slots at this time.


Currently we only have space available in Montreal, which might not be optimal for everyone’s ping, so to make it easier for you to check here is a ping comparison chart:

At our website, http://bmrfservers.com/

And all sold out again. For now.

And we’ve opened up our doors again, order form is open and we’re actively taking them again!

We’re also considering opening up a European location. If you have wanted to rent from us but were deterred due to lack of a European location, please let us know.