GSP Reviews, Expirences and my complaint

I had my Rust server up for not even 2 weeks and I’ve already had 3 server outages that had to be resolved by contacting my GSP support. My GSP takes a good long time to update Oxide. My GSP control panel is often quite slow and sometimes completely unresponsive. The node my server is on is apparently being DDoSed now, and they don’t seem to be doing anything about it except apologize.

I’m completely unhappy with my service from, and I am looking for a better host. I need reliability and an acceptable level of down time. Starting a community is impossible with frequent and extended down times or major server lag. I don’t recommend these guys.

Why FacePunch won’t let us host our own server instances; I don’t know. It would be much better if we could host our own servers and manage them properly without a half assed web interface and shitty support. I love hosting servers and providing a place for players to enjoy themselves, and I loved playing Rust the moment I got in game. I was excited to start my own Rust server to do both of those things. Instead, I am left with a sour taste in my mouth.

I digress. I need a new host and am hoping there is something better out there. Please post your experiences and reviews with your GSPs, and how long you’ve been with them. It would be handy to get some community reviews on the options.

  1. facepunch is capitalized Facepunch
  2. This game is in alpha. The whole point of alpha is to basically stress test it (both the client and server). It would be much harder to do that if everyone starts running their own server and reporting the bugs poorly, as opposed to a party that requires the servers to be working properly to make money

Also, the devs don’t want the server software out in the public where everyone can rip it apart. Basically, it’s still early and they’re not ready to show it off in public. However, they still need people to test it, and there are far, far too many players for Facepunch Studios to run official servers for everyone, so they have partnered with certain trusted GSPs who will work to protect the server files from being ripped and pirated/leaked (this has not always been perfect among some GSPs; no names).

That way, players can run servers, and the servers will be updated to the newest releases by the devs in a reasonable period of time, without just throwing the code out into the pack of wolves to see what the Internet does with it.

Thank you. That makes sense, I appreciate your answer. Definately understandable why they are limiting it to GSPs right now with those points in mind. Hopefully they will release it to the public once the alpha is over. This GSP situation is quite frustrating as I know I could do a better job with a VPS.

So, as far as GSPs go, which are the best options for central US? They all seem to have their fair share of issues and unreliability or shitty support.