GSpleef - MiniGame

What is GSpleef ?
GSpleef is based on Minecraft Spleef.
The goal is to destroy blocks near the opponent to cause them to fall, while avoiding suffering that fate yourself.Quite Simple.

There are 4 Teams :

Eatch team will have to make the opponent team members fall, to win.

More Info :

To Do List :

Events = 4%
Block Effect = 0%
Gamemode = 100%

Entities :

  • spawn_yellow (Were Yellow team players spawn)
  • spawn_green (Were Green team players spawn)
  • spawn_red (Were Red team players spawn)
  • spawn_blue (Were Blue team players spawn)
  • block_fall (The Blocks that get Deleted)

Media :

MineCraft Spleef (example) :

GSpleef GamePlay :


Team :
Me (lua,mapper)

Materials from Minecraft.

Making it for fretta :D.
Download :
Beta Version.May have bugs…

Me and my friends used to play Spleef on gmod before minecraft with crates

Added Model Changer, round and some other stuff =)

Those block’s look an awful lot like ThomasFN’s…

Its my second gamemode =P, im trying my best…

Is it on fretta? If not, this would work perfectly on fretta.

Ye, i though about that, i think i will make it for fretta also =)

That works too

Weren’t they just from minecraft them self?

Released beta version of it =).

Maybe, if you want I can help you mapping? I’m pretty good in mapping.

Uploading Gameplay video now and i will post a mapping tutorial soon, custom entities, etc…

Minecraft Classic Multi is limited on what it’s capable of, so Spleef is fun on it. Garry’s Mod can do much more, so in comparison, Spleef would be boring on GMod.

Uploaded Video :

Looks fun. Can’t* wait to play this on a Fretta minigame server.

*I can wait.

I like the simplicity of it. My only worry is that it’d eventually get boring.

Ye, thats why i will make it fretta.