Gsquared, a new gmod comedy series!

If you like random things,jokes or just plain out funny stupid these are the videos for you!

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Criticism is well taken,just dont go overboard with it.

Ugh, I wish GMod movies were better today :sigh:.

not funny, been through that humour before.

Use Audacity to Record voice instead.

you need to be more original, camera work was alright though.

Try Using Source Recorder? you get better framerates and it won’t record any chats popping up from steam.

I didn’t think it was too bad.

Thanks guys,I will improve on these things and i have considered source recorder but im sticking with fraps

If you’re gonna keep using Fraps, you may want to log out from Steam friends. As well, the comedy is dull, it’s been done a million times on the Comedy network, it’s lost its shine. You need to think about your jokes a bit more, think up something original and humorous. As well, recording the audio using Audacity would be a better idea, you’ll get higher quality audio and the not-so-little yellow mic symbol won’t appear over the actor’s heads when they’re talking. You should also learn a bit about faceposing, it’ll help make the ragdolls look like they’re actually talking, as you can manipulate their face in such a way that makes them lip-sync the words of the dialogue.

Now i understand the logging out things,my “clients” have told me this i will go offline but as far as audacity i will consider it and jokes/scenes will have more thought and time put to them. Also i am not aware of how to use face poser that well so if any help or advice on it please do.

Source Recorder & Demo Smoother Tutorial By Hat:

still using fraps…

Might I ask why?

My guess is that he doesn’t know how to use it or that he doesn’t know how it works.

oh wait. thats the same thing. :S

One i have fraps registered, and two i have tried source recorder and i would prefer not to use it

Might I also ask what turned you off Source Recorder? I’m just asking because I think SR is by far the best option to record a film in when you’re not just capturing the moment.

Because i started with fraps and that source recorded isnt that valuable to me,but thats just my opinion

I always use Frapps. I just find it so much easier, and I can record with it without lag and in really nice HD.

Could you be more specific? what EXACTLY is it that turned you off source recorder.

Pretty much what the guy said before you

please read properly, WHAT EXACTLY about source recorder. not just “fraps is easier to use”

Nice hd,no lag,easy to use,easy to edit,easy to find files quick.There happy?

No man the Don wants his answers…