Gsquared Poll

Here are some things for our people that watch us. Now please dont be a dick on this thread and troll somewhere else if you dont care :3.
Who do you like better: Colonel Gentlemen or Grea$emonkey.
Would you rather have just 2 people or more?
What more would you like to see in the videos.
What kind of people would you like to see in the videos?
Should there be a Colonels day out?
Should we be more interactive with our fans?
Please comment on anything up here or something i didnt mention. It would mean a great deal to us :). Thank you and have a nice day/night facepunch users.

  1. What?
  2. This question is tied to what?
  3. A better machinima.
  4. Elaboration required.
  5. This question is tied to what?
  6. What fans?

You really need to work to improve on your Machinimas.

I am Stretch( yes i know crappy name) and im founder of gsquared: A gmod director for comedy sketch machinima. Meaning its a bunch of comedical shorts with actors. Now depending on tolerance and type of humor you may or may not like my videos. This is my youtube channel . Be free to leave CONSTRUCTIVE CRITICISM or reply to any of the questions :stuck_out_tongue:


Oh and the meaning of this survey is to appeal more to the audience on seeing what they want and dont.


Mmmm ok, well thanks for the constructive criticism. I appreciate it


The people that watch the videos…

Only 31 people subscribed and your first video has gathered 5,000-odd views. Your second one released at a similar date only has 360-odd views. These videos are six months old.

Not to mention that these are pretty mediocre as compared to other Machinimas, even back in that time.


The voice acting is not good seeing that it was only done over the voice coms in the game itself. You really have to improve on these if you’re expecting some sort of comeback.