gStream, Stream music to your clients! (WIP)

Hey guys, this is Spencer Henslol releasing an addon I have been working on. I’m not sure yet, but I like the name gStream but feel free to suggest names.


What is this?

This is an addon that you can put on your server, and it enables you to stream songs to all the clients on your server. [/release]


Since it's just a beta, I have it set up to play the 444 songs on my webhost for you guys. But in the future, I'll have it so you can set up your own lists :D




Right now, there aren’t many unique features to this addon, but with your help, I want to change that!

Here’s what I have so far:

[li]Stream music to all your clients with a few clicks.[/li][li]Ability to stop songs client-side[/li][li]Ability to switch to a client-side player.[/li][li]List of queued songs[/li][li]Mute mics when songs are playing, unmute when they stop.[/li][li]Nice Neutral, Simple Progress bar[/li][/ul][/release]

To Do:

[li]Make it work with gm_bass and gm_chrome[/li][li]Add a spiffy search bar for the list.[/li][li]Ability to remove songs from the queue list[/li][li]Include the files for your own song server[/li][li]Enable mics for those who aren’t listening to music[/li][li]Optimize the code (It’s pretty messy :P)[/li][li]Get suggestions from you guys :smiley:[/li][/ul][/release]




Download Link:


At some point, this will be an SVN. I plan on working on it quite often to learn more lua. But for now, here’s the download link:

Now on SVN:[/release]

To Use:

Just put the addon from the zip file into your addons folder on your server. To open the menu, press F4. You must be an admin to play songs.[/release]


Remember, **

I’m fairly new to coding for Garry’s Mod, so if you’re thinking “WOW I CAN DO A LOT BETTER”, Instead of one-upping me, you can help me learn by suggesting how to make things better so I don’t keep coding poorly haha :smiley: Enjoy!


I am also unable to test this on a server fully because I have no way to. lol. So there might be some bugs with this. If there are, sorry, and just let me know and I can fix it real quick.**

And there goes the dignity of private jukeboxes.

Does this come with twelve bajillion songs? Nope.

Does this work perfectly if you don’t have gm_bass? Nope.

Does this allow you to try and get a nicely working serverside music player with a decent amount of songs? You bet.

For the record, this works 1000x better with gm_bass, which is what the next big release is going to be. If you don’t have the module then you should.

If you’ve actually read my posts, you’d know that I wouldn’t just release this without having another idea. I think of this as a little nudge for people to do better. I know my code is messy, but I’ve seen too many lame excuses for streaming radio. Basically ripped off from the Sass jukebox’s code. People can use this as a learning aid for themselves. And this isn’t giving all the code. There’s a few php and flash elements that you can’t have as of now :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Thanks so much I’ve been waiting for something like this for a while since no one wants to release this… and cuz im too lazy to code this myself… looking forward to test this out when I get home and for an update where you can just drag your own music into a folder to stream (I know this would involve everyone having to download your music but I usually play with just friends anyway)

cool stuff here

I would have preferred it if you hadn’t released it (As I said to you) but it is your choice : /

Ah well, it would have happened sooner or later.

That’s my thought on it. But I’ll talk to you on steam. You know how I felt about releasing, but I think this is the right time.

So…its good, mmk

Hoenstly, I released this because I’m tired of people saying “OH LEWK I MAED A JEWKBAWX. SO YOUNEEK”. It’s a very simple concept, and took me less than one day to write all the scripts including PHP. I’m hoping that since this is released now, and not a unique thing, people will try harder to make themselves more original. I’m honestly tired of seeing these pathetic excuses for servers with ULX, generic ranks, nothing special at all. So I’m raising the bar for everyone to want to do better. But if you guys think this is a bad thing to do, I’ll remove the addon. shrug

Do that.

Remaking GMT and releasing it because it was too unique.

Mai YouTube music player is moar unique :ninja:

Although I must admit, the most recent release was pretty damn awesome.

Okay well, I’m gonna keep this out there. So if you don’t have a question, don’t post :slight_smile: honestly, this was going to happen anyways. I just thought I should finally release something. This my first project I’m actually proud of.

Edit: If any of you are using this on your server, send me the IP and I’d like to see :stuck_out_tongue:

I think it’s a great project! Don’t think that I don’t enjoy seeing other people’s work. Mine’s going to be private anyways, so this has nothing to do with it :wink:

Skapo is right; jukeboxes are old and we do need new things for this game.

I’m tired of people who think they’re so awesome because they created yet another bad jukebox in an attempt to copy Sassilization.

We need more unique and original coders, and by creating a public jukebox that is good enough, Skapo basically is making people get past the ‘jukebox’ thing and really thinking up new things.

However, Skapo is also using it to give people a way to learn Lua and building on it to learn Lua himself.

The results?

  1. A Lua-smarter Skapocalypse.
  2. A good music player available to anyone competent enough to set it up.
  3. More original coders as private jukeboxes become a thing of the past.

won’t work when i press f4 im the owner of the server

F4 is somewhat occupied on some gamemodes.

People can change the button if they want.