GSWH / Gustav's Simple Wallhack

This is my first addon and i hope you like it.

*100% clientside
*Player ESP
*Npc ESP
*Entity ESP

Needs more NPC / prop stencils.

thanks for telling me so i know what has to be updated.

[lua] local teamcolor = CreateClientConVar(“GSHW_teamcolor”, “0”, true, false)

function useteamcolors( ply )
if (teamcolor:GetInt() == 1) then
local headpos = ply:GetShootPos():ToScreen()
draw.SimpleText(ply:Nick(), “ScoreboardText”, headpos.x, headpos.y - 20, team.GetColor(ply:Team()), TEXT_ALIGN_CENTER, TEXT_ALIGN_CENTER)
hook.Add(“HUDPaint”, “teamcolor”, useteamcolors)[/lua]

>:( add a checkbox and make it use that convar, I may want to use team colors, not custom colors :frowning:

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also you have gay tabbing

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also it looks like bb

why aren’t you updating this

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this is a good hack, i use it all the time but the crater nvr updates ;[

oww damn hackers i hope u’ll get VAC Ban or bullet in a head

The best hack around: Luapad, does everything you want it to do.

no, this esp is the best hack around you can see ent and peeple thru walls wut else cud u wunt

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teh zing

i will update this soon

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for fuck sake don’t start rating yourself.

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These hack threads should be locked and OP’s banned,since Gmod hackers gets banned. Just have to rage at these threads…ARRhh dammit!