Gta 3 Kuruma

Ya I know it’s pretty low poly and low res and old but I was wondering if anyone would be willing to port it from gta3 for me, if anyone does it Thank you

May I make a suggestion regarding the model?

A modder made a high quality model of the Kuruma, maybe someone could use that one (with permission)

That’s the thread:

That pack is one of the best GTA car mods I have ever seen.

I used a script to import this but I dunno what/or how/or if Ican apply textures anyone wanna help me with this?

You’ll have to use TXD Workshop to get the materials from the gta3.img file of the car(s) if that’s what you have.

I have the materials I just dunno how to apply them I just started 3ds max

Drag the material file onto the model/model segment you wish to apply it to, and it should be applied automatically.

It turns out I was just missing the textures,it automatically imported it but now theres pink shit on it

I think that’s just a visual glitch with 3DS Max.

I imported the wheels Now I just gotta put them on the other side and the figure out how max works

Got all 4 wheels on it now

Anyone know any good model porting tutorials?

i think mines the only one around

Personally I feel you are putting too much effort into porting such a low quality model.

If you are going to port the Kuruma, you should use the HD one as it looks much better.

(textures are a bit meh in areas but still an improvement over the original)

That is unless you really want the GTA 3 version.

I felt my first attempt at porting should be something somewhat simple,If I don’t completely and horribly fuck it up then I’ll worry about the hd one.

That’s understandable. I’ll probably end up porting it myself anyways.

It’s not, certain colours tell GTA to use the vehicle colour instead of the model colour.

I wanna try porting cars too, specifically the HD ones, and I’m wondering how to change the cars’ skins since they all start off grey.

That would probably be done manually, either through the texture directly or with the color tool when in-game.