GTA 4 Jewish Rabbi model port

Hello ,if you played gta 4 you probably saw the jewish rabbi in game :wink:
So ,I 'm asking here if someone can port it to source engine (and maybe a playermodel it :D)

Thank you

then we could have Jewish jobs on our DarkRP’s


"Hai guize, I wonder what that is!"

Too many retards posting in models/skins instead of requests.

I 'm very very sorry i tough i was in it

I need that image. I will need to be using that. A LOT.

Copy and paste the following to a Word document CakeMaster7, so that thou shalt be able to use it:

"Hai guize, I wonder what that is!"

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I just copied the image URL. I really don’t appreciate being told something that is not only a bad idea, but sounds like you think I’m not smart enough to Copy and Paste.

hmmm what is this button on my right click menu, it says “copy image location” i wonder what it does

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Too bad no one gives enough of a shit to actually read that list.

I cannot for the life of me figure out why they moved them to the bottom, but it sure panned out just like you’d expect it to. What a horrible, fucking retarded idea.

I agree, one day I just came on and I was like “Where the fuck are the subforums? I can’t fucking find them!”