Gta 4 Voodoo Wheels?

Hey I was wondering if someone would be willing to port the wheels of the Voodoo in Gta IV to gmod?

The only thing I’d ask more is if who ever would be willing to port the wheel would make it in a few different sizes as well.
If anyone’s interested I’d be grateful, if no ones interested then please let this thread die

And also the Peyote (my favorite) and the Buccaneer uses the same wheels.

but I think it had the Voodoo port, so let me check if I still have the files from the vehicle

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Sorry friend, I Check and have not the Voodoo anymore, sorry buddy

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Forget what I said, I have! I had to import a version of Voodoo it was port for gta sa (I had to use as 2 ZModelers and Txd Workshop to import to 3d max), just the only problem is the scale