GTA 5 - Franklin's House

3D Model of Franklin’s second home.

Check out the 2 pics (screenshots taken from Sketchup 8)

I take no credit for the tools used. I was attempting to get the models from Watch Dogs a few weeks ago and I stumbled upon this. method.
Let me know if you are interested and I can post the steps.

Rockstar - Thank Rockstar for an awesome game…and for finally releasing this on the pc
OpenIV - RAGE Research project, thank you for unlocking the files and for providing the viewers
Craokalo - For creating the OBJ exporter and providing the original tutorial

Link does not work, by the way

You can’t say “by the way” when it’s the only think you say

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that doesn’t make any sense

Neither does “the only think you say”

Sorry about that (first time posting)… hopefully you can see these.

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I think I have it now… yikes.



By the way, any mapper could recreate this thing faster than porting it as model.

You could always just take the model “pieces” and assemble them in Hammer, adding lights and physics.