GTA City

I been working on a project lately. It’s basically making a GTA Like city for gmod. I have made the map at its biggest scale you can go in source. I have setup fog and draw distance too. I am now looking for some help on adding buildings into the map. So if you like to contribute and add a building of your own, let me know.

I have learn some things from my first version of this.

So we need to add some fake buildings and buildings that the player can enter into.

So we need to list buildings that the player should enter.

I will preview version 2 of this a bit later. If anyone is good at making city layouts, as in roads, post your ideas.


If you filled the grid with buildings, not only would it be a killer to compile, source itself would hate you, and murder your first born.

You gotta add in a light_environment. I’m interested to see what textures you are going to use to texture this…

Hey if you need any help add me on steam at JGee215, if you want here are some examples of my work.

(lol if source could only handle real-time shadows all the time)

Valve would murder me or give me a big medal. I would earn the “Compile a Biggest Map Possible in Source” and go out and buy another CPU Chip for each compile.

I am sure I can do it but I need help on making buildings. Try your best to make buildings with a low brush limit and if your building does hit the brush limit, like this on below did, we can all ways convert some brush’s to prop_static models.

Click Here to See

Give me an idea of what kind of building you want and I might make one.

Hey guys, I just wanted to let you know that I am also co-owner of this project Spy here is doing. We have gotten a lot done since his last update and are already starting on working up some structures and everything.

Please add me to your Steam\Skype list for further discussion on this project.

Steam: Inferredz (profile picture is the bear with fangs)
Skype: iTechNewsDaily

Also the links are right below my avatar to the left.

We could use all the help we can get! If your interested in joining on this project please contact me!

I talked to VR-Shadow and I’m on board :slight_smile:

I this posted up a list for ya and the zones. Hopefully it becomes useful.

Wasn’t Dasmatze working on a gta map? (If he was it was probably another scrapped project)

You seem organized enough, and I’m optimistic. Good luck friend!

Yep, it was another unsuccessful project since even a quarter of one GTA2 map was too much for the engine. I could have made it 1/8th of one map but that wouldn’t make much sense. /offtopic

Where’s the foliage from?

I really hope you guys are good at optimizing…


Ive tried this before, and unless you plan on having very little details than it wont work very well.

We have found a way around what you are saying. Brush limits are no problem, and we can add as much detail as we want to make it look good!

How exactly is brush limits not going to be a problem?

Upon further inspection, that post made me lose all faith in this project. If you think you can include as many brushes as you’d like, and as much detail you’d like, without Source screwing you over good you’re wrong.

Your roads are far too boring, should ditch your perfect grid idea and have trapezoid and rhombus and maybe pentagon spots. Make it fun.

He’s gonna pull a GameDev and propper everything!

I just submitted a few houses to the project, they seem like they know what they’re doing.