GTA Game mode

Hello all just wondered if anyone that can lua and all that is interested in helping making a gta style game mode i have loads of content that will send to you personally if you show any interested just pm me. thanks

Ideas guy again? Sheesh, where do these people come from.

Seriously now, don’t come here requesting help for a gamemode if you can’t do anything for it. If you can, then feel free to. But otherwise, ask somebody to make the gamemode.

Because this just feels like another of those “Make me a gamemode, I’ll take the credit”-topics.

Good point, but it really depends on what this content is

So can you do anything else GUD_UK? such as map or model… if not then go and learn to at least map because it is the easiest thing to learn i reckon =)

It doesn’t really depend on the content if he doesn’t show it.

Idea Guys are fine, As long as if you plan out EVERYTHING and atleast try to learn bits and peaces to help out in the project so your just not sitting there twidling your thumbs then taking the credit.

Create a structured, ** Detailed ** Post about it, Gameplay features, Content, Art, Media, Storyline. Then you may actually get some feedback.