GTA IV Comet, Minivan & Stallion

[release][tab]Name:[/tab] Comet, Minivan and Stallion from Grand Theft Auto IV.

[tab]Version:[/tab] 1.0

[tab]Credits:[/tab] Me (DrDean/DrDarko/A big ass/ssa gib A/A big fat ass)

[tab]Requirements:[/tab] Ability to install addons, Grand Theft Auto IV

How to change colors

[li] Look at the vehicle you want to change colors[/li][li] Go into console (~) and type ent_fire !picker skin X[/li][li] Replace X with desired number (1 to 6 I believe.)[/ul][/li]
From the man who brought you GTA IV weapons
GTA IV Banshee & Faggio…
And GTA IV Lokus & Sanchez

Lets get a few things straight. Over the next few days/weeks/months/years (It might take that long; there’s lots of cars and I need to take breaks.) I will be releasing vehicle ports from Grand Theft Auto IV in small packs of 2,3 or maybe 4. I do this because I am fucking sick and tired of people not releasing content. I will not take requests unless I feel I want to. I will work at my own pace. Don’t expect much. These are props and not drivable vehicles. If somebody wants to make them drivable, please be my guest. You don’t need permission to use these in any mods or whatnot, as long as you don’t be all “lol i maed dese”. If you do use these in mods, give credit to Rockstar games and maybe me if you want to make me feel all fuzzy inside :3. They have some phong, which is as close as I can get to the cool shiny shaders in GTA IV. Cubemaps didn’t work for me.

Now pictures.

Comet. That ragdoll isn’t for you and it’s not in here. Go away.


And due to popular request, the Stallion.



Too bad shitty graphics cards don’t support the models.

Nice port though.

Awesome, Downloading.

Thanks! :biggrin:

the stallion looks really blocky. But then again there is a huge engine difference.

Some one should make the GTA IV cars we have currently driveable also.

Your name has changed more than mine… IM AMAZED!

Pretty rad, dl’d again like the other car packs.


Yes! Love the stallions and comets, not so much a fan of minivans, but still awesome!

Also, I think im the only one with this, but one of the comets skins has a bug.

No it’s intentionally like that. :v:

Leave it be until everybody else sees it.

If I get some time after my flu goes away I will try to make these drivable. Gotta brush up on that skill anyway since I haven’t done any animating in a few months.

I’ll make some drivable. I will get started later today.


I love the Stallion. I just happend to see this on the recent uploaded on

Make the minivans and the Lokus drivable and ill love you forever

The models don’t like the decompiler…

If you need the .max files I’ll send them. The wheels and shit are all seperate.

That would help out a fair bit. I have Max 2009, so if you have anything higher than that, can you please send them as .obj?

Oh man, now all you need to do is port the 4 doors and i’m set!