GTA IV FIB Buffalo Port Please

Fairly simple request, could somebody who has GTA IV on the PC please port the FIB Buffalo model? The model is fine for now, perhaps later somebody could make it drivable? Thanks.

Happy new year!

I support this.

I love that car.

Looks great. I support.

I support

This car is allready in the Sickness Cars just have to download the SVN

I support because i love gta :smiley: !

It is? I haven’t updated recently. I sent a PM to Sgt a while ago asking him to include it, I guess he did it. Thanks for letting me know. P.S. The reason I want this is because I love the Dodge Charger and eventually it will be my car.

Just checked, it’s there. It’s called “GTA4 Buffalo”, not “GTA4 FIB Buffalo”

What does it matter what it’s called?

I had trouble finding it because I was looking for FIB, not Buffalo and there wasn’t a spawn picture. Just saying that to give people a bit of help in finding it.

It’s in sickness, but NO SIRENS!!! :frowning: