GTA IV Pedestrian models

I’ve been wanting to make a certain playermodel using a certain fat guy, a GTA IV pedestrian, fortunately I found somewhere where I can download them, being here:
Unfortunately, the files are for GTA IV and V, which are strictly not for blender, I however found a way to make them into .SMD, which can be imported into blender, this requires a tool called “Spark IV” (or even “Open IV”, but I don’t know the difference), I tried it myself but apparently it requires the WHOLE GTA V GAME purchased and everything, now, I can afford to waste 10 GB OF SPACE, but I can’t waste the €59.99 for just some models, this is where the request tag comes from:
If you’re a good samaritan, you’d do a favour if (having GTA V), downloaded (or already have it) Spark IV, download the models and export them into either of these: .3Ds , .SMD or really any that can be then imported into blender.
Now, I would have done it myself but the price is too steep (even €5.99 really), maybe someone has GTA V, can get around these programs and has the time to do it for the good of others, a man can dream.